Silver lining?

I’ve been here before. I’ve been 240 pounds exactly before. BUT!!! There’s a silver lining! The last time I was 240, my waist was 40 inches, and right now it’s only 37.5 inches. WHEW. I must have somehow retained some of the muscle I’ve gained walking hills and playing slow pitch, or something?

So here are my starting pictures (stats will be included on my Progress page) :

2014-01-02 12.04.45 2014-01-02 12.06.22 2014-01-02 12.05.43

See the last time I was 240? I’m already doing pretty good πŸ˜€ lol

April 25 - 239


One thought on “Silver lining?

  1. You most definitely look smaller than the last 240 shots! Three cheers for muscle! I need to get me some of that back this year.

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