Bodyweight Level 1 – Starts now

Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel tighter? And I feel like my chubby belly is a little less today than it was yesterday, and I’m resisting the urge to step on the scale like crazy. I’m a scale addict. That’s how I made it through eating only 500-800 calories that time I lost 80 pounds. It was a pattern.

Scale goes down? BEST DAY EVER —> I’m happy, and easy to work with. My peers at school liked being around me.

Scale goes up? (even just 0.1 of a pound) —> I’m a dragon. People don’t want to be around me. I overhear members of group projects

It really sucked to be the people around me.

Post Workout: Alright, I’m out of breath. Level 1 was hard for a couple of things (push ups, and cardio) and I had to use my inhaler 😦 But the squats and planks were no problem. I even added time on the last plank. I switched to jumping rope for the last set of jumping jacks, and it was much easier (or it was from the inhaler). I’m sweating, and I only worked out for a grand total of 20 minutes. I need to wrap my head around the idea that 20 minutes is just as those silly videos I was partially doing, especially if I’m doing the right things. WHEW! Workout B looks intimidating. Close grip pushups, step ups…… those scare me a little lot. Hopefully that workout will be at the gym I’m getting a key to on Monday! Then I’ll be able to do the incline walk after (if my legs will agree to it)


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