Tomorrow it begins!

Sorry for the daily posts. I promise it will slow down. Right now I’m just excited. Tomorrow I conquer Bodyweight Brigade – Level 1B… I still can’t really wrap my brain around e concept of rest days, even though my quads are screaming at me today. I’ve never done such proper squats in my life. Form over speed, doing things right. But yeesh, it hurts the next day when you do them fully.

Tomorrow I get a key to the gym! Super excited! And a little bit nervous. I misread the course instructions initially, and thought I only had to do level 1 of body brigade, but somewhere else it says to do level one, two and three. 😦  I just want to lift uber weights!!! But I get it, slow progress is sustainable progress. Though maybe those instructions are for people who haven’t done any physical activity? Like the guy in my D&D group who went from doing nothing, to walking, then lifting 5 pound weights? I think I’m just going to go for the Dumbbell Division right after Bodyweight Brigade Level 1 and see how it goes!

I’m doing a 2 week detox as well. Now I know, the course says not to pay much attention to them, but I ordered it before Christmas, and was planning to start January 6th before I ever found Nerd Fitness. And it’s not like a juice fast or anything. It’s tea in the morning, no white flour, no sugar, 1 serving of fruit per day max, no alcohol,  no processed foods, no fried foods,  no dark meat, and no dairy. I already try to avoid white flour, fried foods (most of the time) and sugar anyway, this will just be a boost! It’ll be a good step toward breaking my sugar addiction, and eating clean. Dairy makes me break out when I don’t get any sun (and we’re up to 6 full hours of sun…. per month in the North lol) and wheat makes me feel bloaty anyway, and they’re both habits I’ve been trying hard half-heartedly to break anyway. I’m going to ease into eating paleo after that. Baby steps. Start with clean eating first. My boyfriend agreed that cutting out dairy and wheat would be beneficial for me. He’s supportive enough that he’ll eat whatever I make at home, and I’m not going to hold it against him if he has deep fried food and some beer when he’s playing pool with the guys. He lost a bunch of weight when he moved in with me, just from not eating frozen pizza, or hamburger helper for supper every night. Damn you male metabolism!!!

Anywho, I’m going to enjoy one last beer for a couple of weeks (I’m no alcoholic, but I rather enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, or a beer in the evening once in a while) and do some reading.


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