Busted. One tiny slip, or a series of slips… arg

So yesterday was a bit of a bust. My boyfriend didn’t get the keys until 7:30, and frankly, I was exhausted. I got home at 4, was grumpy, and put myself to bed, hoping to grab a half hour nap. Fast forward to 5pm…. the time I was hoping to be eating already!!@!! Boyfriend had pool at 6:00, and it’s important to me, that I feed him before he goes. So that bumped supper to like 5:45. And I was no less grumpy post-nap. I went to sleep in my teacher clothes, and put on sweat pants when I woke up. No sugar, cold turkey…. sucks. It sucks a lot. And I can’t even boast that I had 0 sugar yesterday. I made Cranberry/Almond/Spinach/Coconut milk chicken, and we all know dehydrated cranberries are not real fruit, but it was a clean meal, and the only sugar I had that didn’t come directly from eating a fruit or veggie, so I figure I’m ok on that front.

That’s ok. Today I feel great! I’m bouncing off the walls with energy. Possibly due to the nice big brekkie I had (leftovers from last night). Mmmmmmm – nothing beats a big bowl o’chicken first thing in the morning, with the coconut milk? YUM. Plus it’s seasoned with ginger and cinnamon, which clearly indicates it’s alright to eat for breakfast. Now I kinda wanna make a big batch, and reserve it completely for breakfast, beats oats anyday! OH. I had coffee. Which I barely had any of during Christmas break…. Maybe that’s why I’m typing at an astounding speed!?

Lunch was this:

Spinach, snap pea, walnut, and blackberry salad, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Life continues to provide me with inspiration to get fit. Like my parking spot this morning. EEK. I’m so tired of parking and then being like…. “am I too fat to get out?”

My car on the right. The worst part? The van to my left has an end spot…. and literally could have parked at LEAST three feet further over. (I’m not even exaggerating)

So, gym after work, and then a nice quinoa veggie dish for me! Boyfriend will be happy I encouraged him to get a couple of steaks for this week.

GYM —– Well. It’s a little disappointing. Super tiny, but what did I expect for $300 for a couple? When I got there, there was an older man and woman already there (like 65ish?). I don’t think they’re accustomed to sharing gym space. The gentleman was doing bicep curls, and other exercises in the squat rack….. Did not see him do a single squat, and the squat rack was the only place with a bar that I could do an inverted row 😦 His lady friend was doing a circuit, which OK, normally you’re the only one there…. but I went to do step ups, and the only place was the one bench that wasn’t attached to a back rest or any kind of weight machine…. and I ask her if I can use “her” bench. “I guess so…. I’ll have to move my weights”. She was literally walking around and chatting with the man, and just left her dumbbells sitting there. I get it, you might be between  circuits on your rest period, but you’re not the only one there. I did a minimal workout (see below) and then 2 more people showed up….. Grrrr. I’ll try to take pictures if there’s nobody there the next time I go. Might try to go tomorrow, since I didn’t finish a workout today, though I was dripping down the back of my neck, so I did get something accomplished!

So here’s how my workout went. On the left is what I was supposed to do, and on the right was what actually got finished:

10 Inverted Rows                     —> 10 assisted pull ups (pretty sure I maxed out at 10)
10 Bodyweight Lunge             —> 20 Bodyweight lunges (oops, didn’t look at the sheet carefully enough)
10 Close Grip Pushup             —> 10 close grip pushups on knees
20 Step Ups                                 —> 16 step ups on a weight bench (OH GOD THAT’S HIGH!)
10 Reverse Crunches              —> 10 Reverse crunches
:30 Jump Rope                          —> Counted 60 jumps instead, because I didn’t have my timer/phone out.
3 1 Rounds with 1 minute rest in between rounds

Ok, going to the gym was terrifying. I didn’t want to do anything in front of people. And trying to do a circuit with 4 other people there, eff me.

Oh well, at least I came home and had a DELICIOUS dinner!

2014-01-07 18.34.47
Doesn’t look like anything fancy, but golly was it delicious!

I might try to go to the gym tomorrow, or go on Thursday at lunch (I’m subbing am only…. then working a night shift at the hospital. FUN)

Anywho, that’s enough from me for now! Peace out 🙂


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