Week 2 weigh in

Weight: 240.8 …. then I used the facilities… 240.5 (down 0.1 pound) 

I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed, until I measured my waist.

Waist: 37″ (down 0.5 inches). 

Other changes? My calves are starting to look a little more toned, and my terrible acne seems to be going away all on its own! No wheat, and no dairy (for real, not the half ass attempts I’ve had in the past) seem to be doing something. It could also be the no sugar, no sweetener, no processed food, no deep fried food. Who knows?? I’ve been drinking my tea every morning, and re-brewed it every day at lunch (except today). I have forgone the “gentle laxative” tea for now. I just don’t want to be running to the washroom every 20 seconds while I’m teaching, and even less so on a night shift.

So I dropped half an inch off my waist in a week. That’s decent! In fact, if I lost half an inch off my waist every week, I’d reach 28″ on May 15. Of course, I’m not anticipating that much change every week, but just knowing that this doesn’t have to take me 3 years, is refreshing. Then I started thinking “why can’t I lose half an inch every week?” I was thinking about what I could change in what I’m eating, to expedite the process. What am I eating, that I could cut out, that would make this go a little faster? Well I’ve been eating a LOT of nuts lately. Like, I’m peckish, grab a handful of nuts. My boyfriend is eating chips on the couch next to me, grab a handful of nuts. And my favourite snack is a plain rice cake with peanut butter on it. Mmmmmm. Well I’m out of rice cakes, so I guess I’ll be breaking that habit. But how do I consciously eat nuts, in a more responsible way? According to the ziploc bags, I can just fill one up, and that’s 100 calories:

A bag full of peanuts, and cashews, and pecans? ….. Probably like 600 calories
Considering this is 1 (300 calorie) serving of almonds. It looks like more lying down because they’re all spread out.

So here is my genius idea on making sure I’m not over-indulging on the nuts:


And then I put all the baggies in a big ziploc container on top of the fridge! I’ll grab one, possibly 2 for night shift tonight. UGH night shift. Usually I have cheese and sausage and crackers, a fruit, some kind of salted nut mixture (a fairly large container). In addition to that, when I’m done all my paperwork, at about 1:30am, I usually throw on a movie or two, to keep me awake. I’m a teacher. I’m not accustomed to working 12 hour shifts, and even less so, if they’re overnight. During my movie time, I almost always buy a bag of chips, and a diet coke from the machine. I like the fizzies (I usually have heart burn by this time) and the caffeine is a requirement by this point. Usually, my stomach also gets rounder as the night goes on, by the end I’m so bloated I look prego. Tonight, I’m going to pack a container of leftover quinoa salad with a little bit of ground chicken mix thrown in for protein, one bag of almonds, a container with a couple of cut up kiwis and some blackberries, snow peas, a million bags of tea, and a couple keurig pods. By the end of my shift, at 7:30am, I will have been awake for 24 hours straight, and will have worked 16 of those hours (I subbed this morning). I often have a really hard time sleeping after a night shift, and sometimes have a glass of wine when I get home. …. Wine is a no-no on this detox thing. Hopefully Melatonin tabs will do the trick. If not, I will either wait for the pharmacy to be open at 8 and grab something stronger, or I don’t know. Maybe I’ll cheat with a shot of vodka?

So when will I work out today? Sometime during my shift! I’m doing Body Brigade Level 1A, so all I’ll have to do is go up to the fitness room and grab myself a weight. I’ll be able to do it in my little hidey-hole/admitting area. I did yoga at work once. But it was after 2 energy drinks, a cup of coffee, and a couple caffeine tabs. My tummy did NOT like being upside down haha. Anywho. Time for me to attempt a nap, then make another DELICIOUS and clean dinner! I might post a picture, but probably not. Reception at the hospital is shady at best. It’ll be ground chicken, squash curry. MMMMMMM.


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