Night shift victory! (and a very long grumpy pants rant)

So, it’s 12:48. Normally, I would have had a dozen chocolates by now! And cheese and crackers and sausage. I had supper at 6:30, and all I’ve had since I got to work at 7:30 was a bag of almonds, which I grazed on every time I felt a bit peckish, eating only 4 at a time. GO ME! I don’t even really crave the crappy food. I want ice cream, pizza, and chips, but I don’t crave them. I just want them because everyone else is eating them.

Like last night, when Boyfriend came home from his Kinsmen meeting, they normally have supper catered for them, but there was a miscommunication and there ended up not being any food at the meeting. Shitty, since most of them come hungry, anticipating a meal. Luckily (I guess) they have some big ol’ bags of chips in store, usually to graze on during the meeting, or bring out at social functions. Boyfriend ate chips, and a chocolate bar for dinner, and brought home the bottom of a bag of chips. I sat on the couch, watching a movie with him, and ate some almonds, and had a cup of tea. I wanted the chips, but just because he was having them. We are also HUGE popcorn eaters in our apartment. Air popped popcorn, with a little bit of butter, and salt? Nothing better. But I’m not craving it. He suggested we make some, and was surprised that it wasn’t allowed on my detox (that’s when he pulled out the chips). . . . really? Corn….. with butter….. Right. If that were a real diet…. SIGN ME UP! Except it’s not. Because if it was, I’d already have magically dropped an insatiable amount of weight!

I’m about to work out here at work. Just waiting for the chattering nurses in the next department to simmer down, and go into their lounge, and sit on their couch and watch movies. I’m a little bitter, and I’m going to rant a little lot before I start my workout. I’m hungry and grumpy 😦 GRR If you don’t want to read my grumpy pant rant, which I wouldn’t blame you for, skip past all the lettered bits. 😀

RANT: In my department, we:

A) Work alone. No buddy system here. You only need 1 person to answer the phone, and register people. But it still gets lonely. Every floor/department has a minimum of 2 nurses.  

B) There are no couches, not even a comfy chair to sit in. We have rolling chairs, which are falling apart, and are hand-me-downs from when the other hospital in our region got an upgrade. They’re terrible. My hips and back hurt at the end of my shift. Every nursing station gets couches to sit on, but not me. We are getting an upgrade here too….. It’s slated for 2015. So basically it won’t happen. There will be an election or two between now and then, and since funds haven’t been set aside, just “promised into the hypothetical budget” there doesn’t have to be any follow through. And by 2015, I sure as hell do not plan to be working night shifts to make ends meet between my substitute teaching.

C) Nobody ever asks if I want pizza 😦 (which I currently wouldn’t eat anyway) but still. They (the nurses on all the floors, and in the ER) order in food, and hang out in their lounge, on couches (oh, my bad, there’s one floor where they only have recliners, no couch), and watch movies all night. I can smell it over here. I’m literally 30 feet away from the next department. 

D) I don’t even have a TV. I have the security camera. Sometimes that’s entertaining. We do have a travel DVD player, like those ones that are about as big as a DVD case. It’s so quiet that I bring a speaker from home in order to even be able to hear the movies I bring to work. Sometimes the nurses in the next departments laughter is louder than my movie. Not even exaggerating.

E) I’m GRUMPY. I guess it’s time to work out.

I DID IT! I’m so proud of myself. Normally, before I decided it was time to seriously change shit up in here, I would have used that as an excuse not to workout! But I did it!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY. And I feel way less grumpy. And I had my Quinoa salad with ground chicken in it.  mmmmmmm. Now I have my chopped up kiwis and blackberries left.

So, if I’m so grumpy, why do I work here? Because the pay is better. End of story. I get a night shift premium, and I normally work them on weekends, so there’s a weekend premium as well. Because I work alone, my breaks are all paid at time and half. I’m still not making the $30+ a nurse makes, but it’s better than pouring coffee, or working a retail job. Someday, I will have a full time position, and I’ll only work here if I want to. In the summer. To save for a vacation…. or maybe a wedding >_< A girl can dream right? lol.  


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