Ok. Normally I’m one of those weird people who really enjoys Mondays. Monday means a return to schedule, and organization, but getting up this morning was HARD. Boyfriend’s alarm goes off a half hour before mine, and we usually snuggle for 2 snooze rounds. I fell asleep  And this week my schedule is all turned on end anyway. I’m doing a vocal workshop in the next town over Monday-Thursday in the afternoons, subbing Monday and Tuesday mornings, working out 3 times this week, Kinette Meeting on Tuesday evening, and trying to work out a visit with my Aunt, who is teaching up North for a week two towns over (an hour and fourty minute drive). Bleh.

So today, I sub 8:45-12:18 (silly times, I know), go home for lunch, drive to the next town over (40 minute drive) teach for an hour (but I make $125 in that one hour!), get home at 4:30, grab a snack, then HIT THE GYM! Boyfriend is coming with me!!!! This is awesome, since I’ve been seriously working out for 2 weeks now, and was dabbling the couple of weeks before that. (not to mention the 150 times I’ve tried to start a regular workout routine). This morning I almost forgot to have my tea. *sigh* I miss fake sugar hahahah. I did indulge, and have a couple of pieces of 70% chocolate yesterday, but I’m ok with it. Right now, I’m attempting a slow transition into Paleo.

Last night I looked up how to make almond flour, and almond butter, since a small jar, like a cup, is $15!!!!!! Frig. I know things are more expensive in the North, but that is just silly. Thursday or Friday (depending on if I get called to sub or not)

So Boyfriend didn’t end up coming with me to the gym. He came home sick from work just as I was about to leave, good thing too, cuz my car got ploughed in, and he had to push me out. 🙂

*Life note* My vocal workshop was amazing! I’m so excited to work with these kids for 3 more days!


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