Soooooo tired

Another morning where I literally draaaaaag myself out of bed. This morning, I was running so late, that I brought my breakfast with me to work. (Spinach, 1 egg + extra whites in a pan, and some blueberries and blackberries YUM) Why am I sooooo exhausted???? Last nights workout made me sweaty. I’m starting to like this feeling? I did it in record time too! 15 minutes for the circuit (Bodyweight Brigade Level 1A), and because it was done so quickly, I finally got on the treadmill for a 15 minute walk on an incline! *YAY GO ME!* The treadmill was boring lol. I got on, and after like 2 minutes was like….. ummmm…. are we done? Came home from the gym, made a delicious supper (curry with cabbage mmmmm, I love cabbage) which Boyfriend wasn’t quite as fond of as me. I could just eat a head of steamed cabbage. Him, not so much. This will be a “Boyfriend is not home for dinner” meal from now on. I was even productive after dinner, doing the dishes in a flurry of dish water. Made some paleo Grain-Free Cookie Dough Bars, which did NOT look anything like the picture. To be fair, I didn’t whip the ingredients together in a blender like I was supposed to, or grind my chia seeds. They ended up being more like lumpy cookie dough. I had some, and my body went OMG SUGAR! Even though I’d only put the 2 tablespoons of honey in, and disregarded the sugar part. I had a couple spoons of it… then a couple more…. and then I’d eaten 1/4 of the batch. I had to force myself to stop. Soooo no more honey for me 😦 I need to find an alternative way to sweeten something, without it making me go OM NOM NOM crazy!!

Boyfriend had pool, so I got to relax (Read: Play video games) while he was away. We went to bed pretty early… but somehow, I’m still exhausted. I fell asleep between every one of Boyfriend’s snooze alarms, and continued where my dream had left off. Usually I hit snooze, but then I check my email, and maybe read a couple of articles I find interesting. Not this morning! I hit snooze, and fell fast asleep. I had half of my tea with part of my breakfast, then had to hit the road!!!! On top of that, I looked at my phone, and apparently it hadn’t charged after a full night of being plugged in. It said 100% when I looked at it…. then I unplugged it, and it was suddenly at 7%???? What the heck? Might be time to bring it in for repairs 😦 Today might be a long day

Anyway, I have Kinettes tonight,  so I’ll have to cook something quick for dinner. Usually I order a meal at the meeting, but I really do not feel like navigating the menu there. Ugh. I’m soooo tired. Maybe I’ll just convince Boyfriend it’s “leftover night”. I’m ok with more cabbage curry, and I am going to need a nap pretty badly after my 40 minute drive home from my vocal clinic this afternoon.


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