Just a quickie!

One more bodyweight brigade workout, and I move to the)Dumbbell Division!

Worked out at home today. I took a nap, and when I woke up, there was nothing I could do to salvage my wicked bed head, except getting out my hot iron and actually styling my hair. And that didn’t seem worth it for the gym.

I made paleo crackers for lunch! Mmmmmm delicious, and soooooo filling because they’re made with almond flour.

I added some epicure Louisiana hot spice to it, and they were divine!! I ate them with a can of flavoured tuna (which is full of crap, I know, but they need to get eaten). So yummy! Boyfriend liked them too.

Here’s my gym calendar! I’m so proud of it. I’m putting a sticker on every day I workout. I took the picture before today’s workout so there isn’t a sticker on today. The blue boxes are my morning tea, and the red boxes are for the laxative tea, which I’m not doing.

Today I finished 3 weeks of consistent workouts!!! 3 more weeks to a new purse!
For supper, I made meatloaf muffins from omnomnompaleo.com (actually I started it, and Boyfriend finished while I was singing O’Canada at the hockey game) and roasted brussel sprouts with bacon! I don’t remember what site I got that from but we’re amazing. Mmmmmmm delicious delicious paleo food.

Tomorrow we are dog sitting at Boyfriend’s parents house for 12 days while his sister is in Cuba. His parents are in Hawaii for a month. Boo lol. But Hooray for cable TV. Haha. I’m also taking a French class next weekend. I’m pretty pumped to do a little upgrading rough a recognized university program. Being in the north, the post secondary education is sub par (I didn’t get my degrees up here, but I’ve seen some teachers who have and it ain’t pretty) but this class features an instructor from Winnipeg coming up for 3 days and then teleconferencing for 8 weeks after that. And it’s worth real credits. BOOM! Add that to the 12 or 15 credits I have toward my Master’s degee and I’m set!

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4 thoughts on “Just a quickie!

  1. Hello, great blog! I’m really enjoying reading your progress. I too am doing NF and wondered whether you have/want an accountability buddy? I also speak French so we could write in French if that helps! (-: No worries if you already have a buddy though, I’ll just keep reading your excellent blog!

    1. Actually, I don’t have a buddy yet! Writing in French would be kind of neat. My vocabulary is super limited, so I might have to cheat and use google translate lol. Do you also have a blog?

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