So hungry

Started this morning not feeling so great, and didn’t go to zumba. Not gonna lie, I ate too many pistachios last night, and a good amount of 85% chocolate. I started the day well, with a sausage “mcmuffin” including sausage I made from scratch!

We went out for lunch. Had half a (small) gluten free pizza with chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, and olives. Asked for half the sauce, but forgot to ask for no mozzarella. Shared the other half with Boyfriend before he went out with his buddies. Followed it up with a protein shake with the powder I just bought. Later I had the pistachios and chocolate. Still better than the big bag of chips and hagen das I would have indulged in prior to changing my eating habits.

Hung out with this cutie while Boyfriend was out.

This morning we had breakfast out and got groceries (which is our normal routine, and I’m really not willing to give it up completely) I had a “Mexican scrambler” which was scrambled eggs, salsa, onion, and peppers, and then I put Frank’s red hot sauce on it! Mmmmmm Subbed the sour cream out for an extra salsa, subbed the toast out for sliced tomato. Skipped the hashbrowns and remembered to ask for no cheese!!

I legit cheated shortly after that 😦 We picked up some dairy free, sugar free ice cream. It didn’t make my tummy feel very good, so guess I’m not doing that again.

Wasn’t hungry at lunch time, had some Almonds as a snack instead.

For dinner I roasted a chicken stuffed with garlic and lemon. With it, we had roasted broccoli and I had a few strawberries with it. Deeeeeeeeeeelicious! But I didn’t make quite enough food, so I had a meatloaf muffin and some baby carrots a couple hours later. I can’t seem to get enough to eat these last few days. Arg. Hoping this nice big mug of tea.

Tomorrow I do my second last bodyweight brigade workout! Friday I start on the dumbbells! Looking forward to getting into a good lifting routine! Especially after this kind of lazy weekend.

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