Week 4 weigh in

Starting weight: 240.6

Starting waist measurement: 37.5″

This weeks weight:  237.7  (+ 0.8 lbs from last week)

This weeks waist measurement: 36.6″ (- 0″ from last week)

Total weight loss: 3.3 pounds!

Total inches lost on waist: 1 inch!

Ok. Waist didn’t increase, and I only gained about a pound. Can we all agree I gained muscle mass? I’m not going to freak outI’m not going to freak outI’m not going to freak outI’m not going to freak out . . . . I am ok with a small gain this week. Clearly my body has been busy making muscles for me. Thank you body. Plus a waist measurement isn’t all telling anyway. Maybe my calves slimmed down a little, or maybe my biceps. Who knows. I’m sure there will be other areas that show a change when I do my monthly measurements. I haven’t been doing the star power, or bonus finishers at the end of my workout. I’m usually pretty excited to just get home to my sweetheart. Lame, I know. 😛

I’m typing this from the comfort of my own home. I haven’t even put on pants yet post-weigh-in. Eating a double chocolate chunk Quest bar. Mmmmm delicious. Bunny has decided that she’ll be friendly today while I’m here, and has been nudging me all morning (this doesn’t mean she wants to be petted though, I guess she just wants me to know she’s there)

2014-01-24 09.12.58

Alright. It’s now 9:30. Time to put my pants back on and header to the gym!

Wow. Deadlifts kill my hammies! Omg. Ouch Hahah. So I decided that I’m going to try to at least walk an incline for 5 minutes at the end of every workout. And to encourage me to actually do it, I’m going to add a star sticker to my workout calendar. I’m going to pick up some gloves today. My hands hurt way too much to do knee raises at the end of my workout, overall though I feel pretty good about my workout today. I did walk for 5 minutes at the end. 😀

Alright. I’m going to roll out, lunch, French class, then chill with my man. I’ll leave you with a couple pictures from my drive to and from work yesterday.

Moose and his lady friend on my way home from school
Sunrise on my way to work 🙂


Sunrise on my way to work 🙂

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