I miss my uncomfortable bed

Alright. We’ve officially been house sitting for 10 days now. I miss my space, and my things, and my tidiness. I never feel like my apartment is really super clean…. but comparatively it is. Like I only have 1 bag of almonds (except when I put them into smaller bags with labels, but even then, they’re all in the same tub), not a bag over here in this cupboard, and a ziploc container in another, and then a bag in a drawer. I have found multiples of lots of things. Two containers of Mrs. Dash… the exact same blend… on the dinner table. Both opened and partially used. Ugh. And I hate the way the towels smell there, and the dog is royally annoying me. She’s decided that she loves me. Great, but now she always has to be touching me. I’m washing dishes, she’s behind me with her front paws on my bum. Thanks. I’ll take grumpy bunny.


We had girls night on Sunday. My girlfriend is going through a separation, and that’s when she was kid free, and cake free. She has a cake making business. They’re pretty awesome, and her cupcakes are DELICIOUS! I haven’t had one for a long time. I did have a bottle of wine and some regular tortilla chips and salsa. It was a planned cheat, but I still feel bloat from it. I’m aiming to do a star or bonus every workout, but this week I’m going to try to have both every workout to work it off.

Other than that, things are going well. I increased my weight for Dumbbell Division 1A yesterday. Well not really increased, but was able to use the same weight through all of my sets! I used a 20 pound weight for my squats, which were deeeeeeeep. I can probably increase next time. I used two 15 pound weights for my bench press, and didn’t have to move down to 12’s, so we’ll call that success. I did all of my push ups, which I couldn’t last time, and my plank time was 0:30, 0:20, 0:20. I think last time the second interval was 0:17, so that’s an increase as well. I couldn’t find weight lifting gloves, so we’ll see how the hanging knee tucks go tomorrow. I might just throw them into 1A because there isn’t as much gripping of the weights, and my hands aren’t hurting afterwards. I couldn’t find weight lifting gloves that fit ANYWHERE in this town! Ah well. They’ll callus up. I even did a STAR and BONUS addition yesterday! I walked at an incline for 5 minutes (I got bored), and then did the jump rope bit, which I’ve never done before, and I’m proud to say I completed 4 rounds of jumping before my calves were angry at me!!! šŸ˜€ I can’t wait until summer so I can walk the trail around the lake (a 4.3km trail, which also has a couple hundred steps, and a big ass hill in it), or go to the fitness park (we have an outdoor park that has outdoor fitness equipment in it) and do knee tucks and stuff like that. SUMMER I MISS YOU. But I can wait. I’d like to be able to wear shorts Before the weather gets beach-y.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at 7:30, so I will have to gym quickly right after school. In theory, I’ll get to the gym at 4:30, workout for a half hour and be home by 5:15. Lots of time to cook a nutritious and delicious dinner! Then go to the meeting with rubber arms haha.

Has anyone noticed that there are now 7 levels in the Dumbbell Division series now? When I started I swear there were two. I was going to do barbell afterwards. That’s ok though. I’m enjoying the Dumbbell Division workout šŸ˜€ I feel so Badass lifting weights. šŸ˜€


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