Week 5 weigh in (and possible movement on the job front)

Starting weight: 240.6

Starting waist measurement: 37.5″

This weeks weight:  237.3  (- 0.5 lbs from last week)

This weeks waist measurement: 36.0″ (- 0.5″ from last week)

Total weight loss: 3.8 pounds!

Total inches lost on waist: 1.5 inch!

Whew! Positive progress in both categories. I’ve felt pretty good about my body this week. I can feel less podginess when I bend certain directions. I haven’t been logging my food this week like I said I was going to. But I’ve been pretty good at remembering what I’ve already eaten during a day, since I’m not mindlessly grazing. I’ve been less hungry this week, but that might be because I’ve upped my protein intake.

I’m supposed to workout after school today, but I’m struggling with this one. I will get home from school at 4:00. Gym from 4:15-4:45. Come home, make supper. Eat at 6:30 . . . then I go on to a night shift. My bank account says “Bling Bling!!!” but my body, and my brain go “What the fuck!”. Friday night shifts are my favourite, because I get to cuddle with Mike when I come home, and he’s really good about having a short chit chat with me about my shift, then letting me sleep. 🙂 Oops. Didn’t call him Boyfriend. Well there you have it. His name is Mike 😛 I knew it would happen sooner or later. Really, I’m just being selfish in this whole gym matter. I feel like by working a whole day, then a whole night, I’m entitled to do nothing. Before I was eating clean, this was almost always a Subway-night dinner wise, and then we’d sit around, maybe watch a show, and I’d think about how much I didn’t want to go to work. There was that one night shift I worked out, but now I’m doing weights, and I don’t think they have dumbbells heavy enough for what I’m using right now. Anyway. I’m just going to suck it up and go I think. *sigh* I so cannot wait to have a full time job, and not need to pick up these ridiculous overnights.

I SQUEEZED myself into my jeans this morning for casual Friday. There is a significant amount of muffin top….. but nothing that can’t be absolutely 100% hidden with a hoodie. Sooo that’s what I’m doing. Hahahaha. My thighs look less “horse like”, if ya know what I mean. (they are less round in the front, becoming more stream lined) February 2nd is my monthly progress report. We’ll see how my body fat % is, and what my other bits measure. Maybe I’ll do it on the 3rd. No school, and Mike will be working. And I feel awkward taking pics in my undies when he’s home haha.

Bunny is happy I’m home. She’s been all over my feets this morning. Following me around the kitchen, and nudging me at the computer. In reward for her being nice, I gave her my last kale leaf. Lucky bunny.


Totally did not go to the gym or cook supper. I’m sooooooo friggin tired. I know it’s not an excuse, but I will go tomorrow. Y’all know how much I want those stickers. I forgot how much music teachers walk around and how much you use your voice. I’m tuckered out from a week of Music. Mike assured me that it’s ok to not go to the gym and go out for dinner on a day I work twice. I really only had 3 hours between jobs, and I hate spending 1 of those cooking. I don’t mind on normal nights, but night shifts suck enough on their own. We went to “The Vic” for dinner. I cheated a bit. I had Victoria Chicken (Chicken breast stuffed wtih asparagus), it has hollondaise sauce on it (Cheat!), and I had steamed veggies…. and sweet potato fries (which are a cheat because they’re deep fried), and a veggie soup. I feel very full of food. Which is actually a good way to start a night shift haha. Mike said we’d go to the gym tomorrow, so I felt less crappy about missing today’s workout. We stopped for some groceries on the way home. There were no eggs for me this morning :(, I had to have a protein shake for brekky, which was alright, I’m not completely happy with my new protein powder, but I threw in a scoop of PB2 and it tasted fabtastic!!! Mike’s sister brought me a bag of it from the city as a thank you for watching the dog/house while she was away. I also didn’t have any fruit or veggies to bring with me to night shift, which I need, because otherwise I might be tempted by the junk food machine. Evil nasty thing.

In work related news….. there was a term position posted in today’s paper!!! It’s only 0.4 FTE (afternoons only… 1:00 to 3:30 SWEET) but becuase sub rates are so low….. I’d make the same amount of money as I do right now, subbing almost full time. BONKERS RIGHT???? It must be an emergency situation because the job starts on Wednesday. Hoping I get a phone call on Monday. All my fingers and toes are crossed, and I’m praying, and talking to whoever up there will listen. Eventually I have to get something, and this would be a good foot in the door to that school.The only downside is that it’s not the division which is currently paying for me to take a French class, but ya know what?? I’ve applied for jobs with that division 4 times. The first was my 1 year term, then twice in June 2012, and June 2013 for September jobs, and one weird term starting in March. I was interviewed ONCE…. for the term in March. The other times, I didn’t get a single phone call. I definitely feel like this would be a good career move up here. I want to just write a big “FUCK YOU” letter to the division that thinks I’m an amazing teacher (They’ve told me, on numerous occasions, staff, and admin) but won’t give me a full time job. I won’t, because that would be unprofessional, and I still live here, but it would be really nice to actually get what I am worth, money wise, and have someone appreciate me in a way that would actually help me pay my bills! Sooooo whoever is listening to me here, please please please please please help me out here. Wish on a shooting star, break a wishbone, put a rolled up chip into your mouth and wish until it’s all crunched up, whatever you do, make a wish for me. Prayers would also be appreciated at this point.

On the menu for tonight are peas and baby carrots, some pummelo <—- that’s the correct spelling. I’ve been spelling it wrong this entire time! I also made some chia seed pudding, threw in a scoop of PB2, and some baby dark chocolate chips, I did this the other day, and zapped it for a few seconds before I ate it, and it was HEAVEN. I think I also have a bag of almonds, and some blackberries. This seems like a lot of food, but really, considering it’s a whole other day’s worth, not so bad. By the time I go home, I will have been awake for 24 hours, and will have worked 20 of said hours. I’m also going to spend all night A) reading through my Kinette stuff, so I can get points toward my award, B) researching Grade 10 ELA outcomes so that I can go into any potential interview like I know what I’m talking about, C) typing up the Trout Festival meeting minutes from last week, D) doing French homework, and E) meal planning for the upcoming week.

Night shifts may suck, but you can do a lot of pinterest-ing in 12 hours!


One thought on “Week 5 weigh in (and possible movement on the job front)

  1. awesome job! keep up the work. remember for exercising, 80% of the battle is just getting there. I will look forward for your progress. Keep striving

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