cut off at every turn!!! ARG

Grrrrr. Yesterday afternoon Mike says “ok, let’s go to the gym”. Bless his heart, it was 3:30 and the gym was closed long ago, I almost crapped my pants when he said it.

This morning, I got up early, took some “pre-workout” stuff. it’s supposed to boost your energy, and make your workout burn more calories. It makes me all tingly (only my lips and the tops of my hands) and warm. Drove to the hall where the Zumba happens….. no class today. D’OH!!!! I tried so hard, no French class, and not coming off of night shift. No reason not to go. Put on my workout clothes, even my incredibly complicated new sports bra (it has upper and lower clips arg), got my workout socks out of my gym bag, and hit the road, with a protein shake in tow for afterwards. Got there…. doors are locked, no footprints through the snow. Check the facebook page. Class schedule only goes until January 30th. Arg!!! February schedule might be done by next week… maybe not.

So I only did 2 workouts last week, as opposed to 3. I’m torn. At the end of this week, do I deserve to cross a week off my goals and rewards page? Technically not. Do I still think I deserve a reward for working hard at the end of next week? Absolutely. I’ve worked hard, and gone to the gym when I just didn’t feel like going. This week was an extenuating circumstance, so I will still count it. Just never 2 in a row, right? So next week, I do better. Maybe get an extra workout in sometime, like some laps at the pool on Thursday, or the weekend. I’ll do what I can, though this week isn’t really any less busy than last week, I don’t work any night shifts, so scheduling will be easier.

Fingers are still crossed for that job. They should be interviewing/calling candidates on Monday. Eeeeep!


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