February measurements (picture heavy)

February 3, 2014

2014-02-03 09.32.19 2014-02-03 09.33.13 2014-02-03 09.32.32

Weight: 238.3 (-2.3)      Body Fat: 40.2% (+0.2)

Waist: 36 (-1.5)   Chest: 38 (-1)/43.5 (-1.5) goodbye boobies 😦  Hips: 50.5 (-0.5)       Thighs: R: 28.5 (-0.5)   L: 28.5 (-1)     Biceps: R: 12.5 (-1.5)   L: 13 (-1.5)

Of course, all of this can be found on my progress page 🙂 I think I see changes that I hadn’t noticed before comparing the pictures. My hips flare out a little less this month (less apple bottom looking). I didn’t suddenly spring back rolls, don’t worry. My other bra just covers them lol. This is one of my new sports bras, I’m going to use it for pics from now on. Starting to see some roundness in the bum! Whoop whoop!

And here’s what I wrote in my Battle Log on NerdFitness:

Today I :

Upped my bench press from 30 pounds (2 15lb dumbbells) to 40 pounds for 2 of my 3 sets! For set 3 I went back down to 15’s and did 10 reps instead of 8!!! I think I’ll try to do all 3 with 20’s next time :D

I did ALL of my pushups! (still on my knees, but they still count right?)

I planked for 30 seconds for all 3 planks!!!! (last time I did :30, :20, :22)

 I walked at an incline of 8 for 5 minutes, then ramped it up to 8.5 for 3 more minutes

AND I did 3 rounds of jump rope (I was pretty pooped by then)

 I am going to make February my b***h!

I used a preworkout, which gave me this intense burst of energy. No tingling this time, either because I’m used to it, or because I was actually working out. Also brought a “recovery drink” with me to sip on.  To the right is the protein powder I used. It was by far the WORST thing I’ve ever tasted. Even a scoop of PB2 and some coconut milk could not save it. BLEH. I have 2 more sample packs of other protein powder to try…. I am now increasingly leery.

2014-02-03 13.49.58       2014-02-03 13.50.11

And here are some pictures to show you how TEENY TINY the strength area of my gym is: (viewing the gym from right to left, because I’m backwards)

2014-02-03 12.57.41 2014-02-03 12.57.44 2014-02-03 12.57.46 2014-02-03 12.57.49 2014-02-03 12.57.51 2014-02-03 12.57.53 2014-02-03 12.57.56

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’ll finish up here with a pic of my bunny, because she’s adorable. And sometimes I feel like she doesn’t hate me!

2014-02-03 14.29.15

Now to do the dishes from the meal prep I did last night, drink some tea, shower, and put on my Jamberry nails 😀 I’ve been hoarding them for a few weeks now, time to make my fingers pretty. Of course there will be pictures of that too!


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