Not sore eh? and an interview?. . .!

I’ve decided that I can up my weight on squats next session. I’m not feeling the sore hammies, or ass that I did the first time I did squats. I want that burn! It makes me feel like I really pushed myself the day before!

They called for an interview!!!!!! at 8:30 they called and asked if I could come in. Of course I said yes. It was a good interview, though my credentials are glaringly biased toward elementary teaching. Hopefully they are either desperate enough, or can overlook my Elementary background! Then back to school I went with a big ol’ grin on my face 😀

Tomorrow I’m at my favourite elementary school, which is unfortunately almost an hour away. But the kids there are fantastic, and so so so sweet 🙂 Actually, come to think of it, I have no idea which class I’m in.  . . . I hope it’s not Phys. Ed…. I’m le tired lol, though some extra cardio would be ok. They’d tell me if it was gym right? Arg hahah. Oh well. I’m going in regular teacher clothes, then driving back home, and going to the gym!! Gonna lift some heavy shit! hahaha.


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