I keep lifting heavier shit! . . . and I got the job!!!!

Mike had a terribly violent case of food poisoning last night, so I got no sleep 😦 I cancelled my sub job for today. I didn’t think a sleepy Nessa on the road would be a very safe option. The roads are bad enough as it is. But, on the plus side, I got to workout early!

From my Battle Log:

Dumbbell Division Level 1B today. 

 The B workouts generally kick my ass it seems. I had a pre-workout and recovery drink again.Here’s how it went:

 Deadlift: Upped from 40lbs to 50 lbs! And maintained for all 3 sets

 Push Press: Used 2 15lb dumbbells for all 3 sets (last time I had to move down to 12’s for my last set)

 Lunges: Used 2 15lb weights (last time I used 12’s). I circuited the puss presses and lunges. I DID ALL THE LUNGES!!! Thus far, I have never completed all 3 sets. 

 Pullups: Used the assisted machine. Set 1 I did 3 with 137lb offset (from my 240lb frame, that’s still a lot of pull), and 5 with 150 pounds offset. Set 2 I did all 8 with 150lbs offset. Set 3 I did with 175lb offset (the most the machine will allow), but I did 10! Hoorah.

 Hanging Knee Tucks: I did 0 today :( My hands were super calloused and painful. This doesn’t happen during Workout A, . . . I wrote it into my Friday workout, so that I could try to do some at the end of that one. When I lived in the city, both my gyms had a thing where you could perch on your forearms, then lift your knees. No dice at this gym :(

 No finishers today. My body was aching immediately after I stopped moving. I walked down the street to get my boyfriend some gingerale, I felt like I was walking at the pace of an extremely old lady, or a toddler. Yikes! Maybe I’ll try to do some planks this evening in place of the knee tucks I couldn’t do. ARG. 

I’m happy that my weights keep increasing! I feel so powerful and strong. And though I don’t always feel like I’m more slim and trim in my mid section and my legs, I can see that my face is slimming out. Right before I started this journey, someone told me that I looked like I’d lost weight since summer (when really the opposite is true, much  much much the opposite)


UPDATE!!!!!! I just got the job!Ooooooooh hells yes! I am officially a “real” teacher again! It’s only half time, but steady income, on a contract, so it’ll be about the same money I make subbing full time, which is harder to get in the second half of the school year for whatever reason! Hoooooooooly schmokes!!!!! I am RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED!!!


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