Day one of real job!

Everything is going to be ok. It’s a little scary being surrounded by people much older than I normally teach, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to rock this.

Went swimming with a friend this evening. We swam slow laps for 35 minutes, then went in the sauna for a while. My legs are sore from yesterday, and after one lap they were burning. Yay extra workout! I put a blue star on my calendar for today. Get it. Blue for water? πŸ˜€ See, I’m totally an elementary teacher haha.

Dinner tonight was Proscuto wrapped asparagus, garlic mashed cauliflower, and stuffed red peppers. Mmmmmmm Mmm.

Tomorrow morning, I get to sleep in a bit. Then I’ll hit the gym, come home, shower and get ready for work, then go do that for the afternoon. Whoop whoop! Tomorrow I will be shadowing the woman I’m stepping in for again. She’s been so great so far. She has a unit all ready, I just have to deliver it. I’m going to have to up my YouTube browsing. She shows a lot of clips in her class to keep them interested. I almost never go on YouTube. I pretty much only use it to listen to symphonies in full.

I’m supposed to do a weigh in tomorrow, but I feel really bloaty. My next DEPO shot is in 2 weeks, so I’m all kinds of periody. But maybe I’ll be surprised? Meh. I’ll just suck it up and do it. But if it’s terrible, I’m not posting it here lol.

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