Week 6 weigh in

Starting weight: 240.6

Starting waist measurement: 37.5″

This weeks weight:  236.6  (- 0.7 lbs from last week)

This weeks waist measurement: 35.5″ (- 0.5″ from last week)

Total weight loss: 4.5 pounds!

Total inches lost on waist: 2 inches!

Ok. I’m a little disappointed with the slow progression of things here. 6 weeks to essentially lose 1 pant size 😦 I fit a size 16 right now. The teacher pants I bought at Walmart are a 16. They’re stretchy, soooo there’s some extra room, and I probably could have gone with a 14 and dealt with a little muffin top, but I’m trying to look professional, so that wasn’t really an option. I know slow progress is good progress, but it’s just so painful sometimes. I’m grateful that my body is changing, don’t get me wrong, but I’d like to actually lose some weight…. and I know that muscle is more dense than fat, but can’t I just be under 200 pounds??? I hope that while all this muscle is building, there will be a point where the fat no longer wants to be on my body and the pace will pick up a bit.

This morning I did Dumbell Division 1A. Last time through this workout! Unfortunely, I stayed in bed, snuggling with my sick boyfriend, and didn’t have time to eat before going to the gym, and have enough time for that food to digest. So I did not eat until after the gym. That was a bad idea. Everything was a little bit harder today. But I pushed myself.

  • I upped my squat weight from 25lbs to 30.
  • Did all 3 sets of bench presses with 20 pound weights!
  • Did all pushups
  • Almost managed :30 for all 3 planks. The first one, I maxed out at :20. But I pushed myself for the 2nd and 3rd
  • Went on the treadmill for 5 minutes at an incline of 8. I upped my speed from 2.5 (what I normally do) to 3!

Two stickers for today, hooray!

Came home from work, feeling reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally great! My Vice Principal basically told me that they will try to give me sub jobs as often as possible. Him and the Principal said they’d go as far as letting me take last minute calls for full days, and breakthe job in half when I get there, so they’d just need to call for an afternoon sub! I feel so taken care of 😀

Might just have an “indulgence meal” tonight. Possibly a gluten free brie, chicken, cranberry pizza (no mozza though). Not a hardcore cheat, but not strictly on “the list”.


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