And what did we learn here?

After 6 weeks of avoiding wheat completely, my body sure does not appreciate it at all now.  I had one small slice of Mike’s pizza last night, and Oh boy, did my tummy ever not like it! It felt like there was a hard ball in my stomach all evening, and I didn’t get peckish in the evening like I normally do. Woke up, and 13 hours after eating it, I was still burping that specific slice. I’m pretty sure the multiple pieces of my pizza were long digested. Bleh. Now it’s almost been 2 hours and my tummy still hasn’t completely settled down. 😦

I bought new gym shoes today. I’ll take a picture tomorrow (they’re way over there in the kitchen, and I’m way over here in the living room). I might wear them to zumba, which is actually happening this week, unlike last week lol. Hopefully I’m not feeling too crappy tomorrow morning. I’m going to need to pick better rewards, not just things I already need and will probably buy before I get a reward anyway.

Tomorrow we’re going to drive 2 towns over for cheaper groceries and gas, and to visit with my aunt and uncle, who are up north for the weekend. Hoping I feel better by the morning!

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