Teaching! Tra-la-la. And new shoes!

Did not really feel like going to the gym today. Probably because I haven’t been eating enough, cuz my stomach still feels a bit off. But I went, after school. Dumbbell Division 1B. Wednesday I level up to 2! Though I still can’t do hanging knee raises. 😦 I’m just too darn heavy for my wussy, not-calloused-enough hands to hold up.

BUT! Today I didn’t have to circuit through the push press and my lunges! I did all my sets as proper, independent sets, one following another, then moved on to the next exercise.

Deadlift: Stayed at 50 lbs for all 3 sets this time

Push Press: Used 2 20lb dumbbells for my first set (up from 15’s!) and then used 15’s for sets 2 and 3

Lunges: Used 2 15lb weights. I DID ALL THE LUNGES!!! . . . IN ONE GO!

Pullups: Used the assisted machine. Set 1 – with 137lb offset. Set 2 and 3 with 150 pound offset!

My February calendar is already looking pretty sticker-tastic!

First day teaching the class on my own! It went splendidly! I asked them to bear with me while I transitioned into high school teaching, and encouraged them to seek clarification whenever they needed it. They were pretty well behaved, and we got some great classroom discussion in 😀 Looking forward to tomorrow.

And loook! Look what I got this weekend!!!!

2014-02-10 17.49.53


Anywho. I’m not really hungry … still. Silly tummy. But I’m going to cut up some mango in preparation for Mike’s return from pool league so I can graze while we catch up on shows. Hopefully it will help nurse my tummy back to wellness!


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