Level up!

Did Dumbbell Division workout 2A today after school! I didn’t up any weight,  since there were more exercises to do, I figured that would be ok for this round. I found something to step up onto that isn’t a bench! I’ll try to take a picture when nobody’s around.

I seem to be stuck at the weights I’m using right now. Bench pressing 40 pounds is still kind of hard. I’m going to try to use two 25lb dumbbells next time and see how many I can do. Push myself for it.

Hoping to get some lap swimming in tomorrow evening. My girlfriend agreed to come with me again 🙂 Friday, we’re going to have dinner with 2 other couples. I’m in charge if bringing little round Steaks. I’m also going to bring garlic mashed cauliflower, because I can’t have don’t want to have to eat potatoes.

Saturday, we’re going to the hockey game in town. I’m singing, because that’s what I do lol. Mike actually agreed to come to a game without a “poo face”. Our team kinda sucks, so games aren’t that great. But for me, it’s more of a social thing anyway. After the game, we’re going to another couples house for a couple drinks. It’s been a month since wine night, so I might actually have some wine. I’ll be sure to pick a nice full bodied red wine instead of a white like last time. It was so neat. Since I’ve been eating healthier, I could smell and taste so much more of the wine!

Anywho, busy busy, that’s me! Here what I threw together for dinner tonight, literally, it was an unplanned meal. Chicken stuffed with aged cheese and asparagus, roasted broccoli, and cucumber with vinegar and dill. Mmmmmmm.


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