Week 7 weigh in

Starting weight: 240.6

Starting waist measurement: 37.5″

This weeks weight:  236.0  (- 0.6 lbs from last week)

This weeks waist measurement: 35.5″ (- 0″ from last week)

Total weight loss: 4.6 pounds!

Total inches lost on waist: 2 inches!


Alright…. no movement whatsoever. Or barely any. Really? 7 weeks? This is all I have to show for it???

Well I went to the Doctor yesterday, and he said this can be a side effect of the Depo Provera that I’m on. Also, the weird bleeding (which is the reason I went to the Dr in the first place), which is sometime clotty, is a possible side effect of the progesterone. Basically, I might need to get a D&C (only open that link if you don’t have a weak stomach). Sooooooo…. 2 and a half years ago, I shouldn’t have ever been prescribed Depo, since “unexplained bleeding” is one of the reasons NOT to use it. Unexplained bleeding was why I was put on birth control at that time, and the Depo stops periods, so it seemed like a great option. Fuck. I’m not overly excited about that aspect at all.

In other news, I went swimming with my gf last night again. Once my French class is over in March, I’m hoping to go twice a week. I’m not going to the gym today, just because I don’t want to have to do my hair, and get ready all over again, ugh. Lazy reason, I know, but tomorrow is another day, I can go then. I just have to make it before 2pm!

Tonight is the dinner thing, with the 2 other couples. I’m not super excited. Tomorrow is hockey game and wine, Sunday I’m meeting with my tax guy, and having a Jockey Party. Blerg. I’m pretty upset about my possible medical crap, so nothing is really exciting right now.

Mike got my flowers, and a gift certificate for a massage 🙂 I was super surprised. Last year he brought me to the gym…. and we weren’t officially together, just dating. I kind of expected that it would just come and go, and my “Happy Valentine’s Day” morning wakeup I got before he went to work, would be the whole of it. Here they are in all their glory 🙂



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