Today I’m lazy, a copy/paste post.

From my Battle Log:

Sooooo this weekend was a bit of a bust. I did workout on Friday (valentine’s Day, so bonus). First day of Dumbbell Division Level 2B! I upped my dead lift to 60 pounds. I feel strong!

 After that, we went for dinner with 2 other couples at one of their houses. I drank a bottle of wine. I haven’t had wine for a month. Oi vey. But the food was healthy (pork rounds, crab legs, mashed cauliflower, gluten free crackers, cheese, pickles, olives, and gluten free cake for dessert). I also helped myself to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many candy hearts, because they were on the table in front of me.

 Saturday I played nice, kept to my good foods, even at the hockey game, where I wanted to eat a chicken burger because I smelled someone else’s. I didn’t though. I would have had to throw away the bun anyway, and that makes it no fun to eat in a rink. After the hockey game we went to a friends and played Carcasonne, and ate cheese, and crackers and sausage. No gluten free crackers here, so I skipped that bit. But did have a good half a bottle of wine 😦 I wasn’t going to, but I made the decision, and came to terms with it. 

 Sunday, I had a Jockey party. I ate great all day, even at the party. My only downfall were the “hint of lime” tortilla chips, and another couple glasses of wine. 

 I’m off wine for another 4-6 weeks. So I’ll be Designated Driver for a while now.

 Today is a holiday. EVERYTHING is closed. and most things were closed yesterday, being Sunday and all. I am going to try to get a workout in on my exercise ball, though I lack the weights to do my regular thing, Tuesday’s are super busy for me, so I can’t really afford to go to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule. This whole weekend, being off track, has drained my energy. Though it was nice to cut loose, and stay out late for a change. And I didn’t go completely off the deep end, though there was a l fair amount of cheese this weekend lol. 

 Week 7’s weigh in was disappointing a bit. another 0.4 pounds lost, and no movement on the waist. I know I could have shrunk other places, but still. Ugh. I’m supposed to get my next Depo Provera shot tomorrow, but it’s messing with my hormones, and my doctor told me that it’s likely the reason I’m not seeing more progress. Also, my period, which I haven’t had for 2.5 years, because of the depo, has kind of come back. For the last 3 months, I’ve had thick, brown gunk, coming out of me. So we’re just going to stop that now. I’ve been referred to a Gyne in another town (we don’t have one here), and I’m hoping she’ll give me an IUD, not the Mirena, but the other one, with the copper bit. This is of course, also hoping I don’t need a D&C, which my doctor thinks is most likely what will fix my gunky buildup (also from the Depo, he says, so Hooray for that). I go in for an ultrasound on March 4th. We’ll see what they can figure out from there. 

Basically I’m grumpy about my health stuff. And feeling lethargic, probably from all the wine. Sooooo tea, and water, and super picky eating today. Maybe I just needed a big cheat? Arg. Hopefully something gets worked out. I’m all hormonal, like I always get a couple days before my shot. Mike went to play Magic the Gathering with his male compadres, which I normally encourage him to do, and I got sad. It’s kind of funny because I know how irrational it is, it’s like cheap entertainment. Hopefully everything levels out nicely and I don’t get too ragey coming off of the shot. *Fingers Crossed*


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