I bench pressed more than a dude!!!!!

Starting off with my usual copy/paste from my Battle Log on Nerd Fitness.

 Did not workout last night, but did Dumbbell Division 2A again tonight. 

 Goblet squat: last time (in pounds) 35/30/30. This time 35/35/35 !

Bench Press: Last time 40/40/40. This time 50/40/40 WOO HOO. Also… I benched pressed more than the guy who was also at the gym today. I know I shouldn’t judge, but that makes me feel pretty darn badass!

Pushups: did all 3 sets of 10. Attempted 1 full pushup at the beginning of set 1 . . . results were catastrophic, though I didn’t fall on my face, so bonus. The rest were knee pushups. Which are getting easier I think.

Step ups: last time 40/40/40, this time 50/50/50!

plank: completed :30 for the first 2. The third I did with impeccable form, bum down, all flat, but I could only hold it for :20. 

 Glad I went, even though it was late, and I had to rush after my class to go. I was feeling rather blah after a long weekend of laziness. 

 This week will be Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday,I have a night shift on Friday this week… and working out those days seems to be hectic. Even though this weeks schedule is not optimal, it will segue so nicely back into Monday/Wednesday/Friday next week.

Finished with a 5 minute walk at an incline of 6.0  and a speed of 2.8…. WITH NO HANDS! I’ve never walked on an incline without holding the rails. I feel like this is also progress. Also my first time walking in my Vibrams! It was a neat feeling. 😀

This week is a break at my school, so no work for me, but also no pay because I’m on a term contract. So I’m working at the clinic. Better than minimum wage, and nominallly better than pouring coffee or working retail.

Was supposed to get my Depo shot today. This is my first cycle without a shot. I’m a little emotional, not because I’m going to miss it or anything, because I’m used to getting a good dose of hormones to settle me the fuck down. That’s not happening. I’m eager to see what my body does on it’s own. Maybe it’ll be like, ooooooooh, we’re losing weight now? I get it! and just let it all go. hahaha….. I can dream. 

So plan for this week:

Wednesday: Work 8-4:15 Mike has Kinsmen, so I don’t need to make a big dinner. Maybe I’ll get in some Aquafit from 8-9. Or lap swim from 9-10 Gotta mark some English papers in here somewhere

Thursday: Work 8-4:15. GYM! quick shower and dinner, then I have a meeting from 7-8.

Friday: . . . night shift. There’s Aquafit at 8:45am. Maybe I’ll make it to that.

Saturday: Get home at 7:30am. Hopefully sleep, though this is something I struggle with currently. Get up at 1. Go to the gym? Gym closes at 2 and isn’t open this Sunday. So it is imperative that this happens. . . . Or some kind of workout. I do have a punch card for the Aqua Centre, which has a gym in it. It’s pretty minmal, but probably has everything I need. GAH. Night shifts just screw up everything! Volunteering at Movie night from 4-7ish. Then I have a friend’s birthday party. He’s Mike’s cousin, so there will be family there, which is awesome. I love his family. 🙂

Which brings us to next week. Hopefully back to regular Monday/Wednesday/Friday. 😀 I’m not booked to work am’s at all next week, so I might be able to workout before lunch, then go to work. Those are my favourite days! I CANNOT WAIT for summer so I can walk around the lake trail early in the morning, and have bounds of energy when I come home from work! Mmmmm. Summer. Beaches. Swimming….. in swim wear! Come on Depo. Get out of my system! And muscles, well you need to GROW!!!!!


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