Week 8 weigh in

Starting weight: 240.6

Starting waist measurement: 37.5″

This weeks weight:  235.3  (- 0.7 lbs from last week)

This weeks waist measurement: 35.5″ (- 0″ from last week…. and the week before. WTF?)

Total weight loss: 5.3 pounds!

Total inches lost on waist: 2 inches!

Still kind of disappointed with my progress. Especially now that my waist is at a stand still 😦 GAH! Frustrating. I don’t know what else I can do, aside from counting calories…. which I am extremely opposed to. That’s how my downward spiral happened last time…. and I’m really not wanting to go there again.

But, on the positive, Mike finally came to the gym with me yesterday!!!! I did Dumbbell Division 2B. I didn’t really up anything this time. In fact, I had to decrease my weight on my second set of push presses. I wish there were more in between dumbbells in my gym. Push pressing 40 pounds is hard, but 30 is not hard enough. I wish we had 18lb dumbbells. *sigh* Just push through I suppose! I did stay at “14” on the assisted pull up machine the whole time, instead of upping it for the last set. Now I have something to do better than next time.

Mike wasn’t quite finished when I finished, so I did 10 minutes on the treadmill. 5 at an incline of 9, and 5 at an incline of 7, both at a speed of 2.6

Tonight I have a night shift. I’m toying with the idea of working out this afternoon, just so that I don’t have to stress about Saturday as much. I am noticing, when I use the amnio recovery drink…. I am either not nearly, or not at all sore the next day!!! Which is extra awesome, because I suck at remembering to stretch. I’m almost out of pre-workout drink, which is awesome, because it’s so nasty tasting. Soooo I think I’m going to order some new stuff online. Flin Flon’s selection is . . . . limited. I’ll buy my protein powder at Walmart, until the next time I go out of town, but order my pre-workout and recovery drink mix online. Also considering buying “Shred Her” by NLA for her. I’m going to try their drink mixes anyway, and the Shred Her is supposed to increase fat burning. Maybe it can kick start my body into hyperdrive?! (I ordered them! And some quest bars, and a new shaker bottle)

I DID IT! I worked out 2 days in a row! Tomorrow and Sunday will be rest days 😀 Unless I’m full of energy or something. It could happen. I wasn’t sore at all from my workout yesterday.

Dumbbell Division 2A! Only 3 workouts left, then I’m on to Level 3. Where has the time gone???

Goblet Squat – upped from 35 to 40 pounds today. I’m pretty sure I could squat more, but the actual dumbbells are now getting big and awkward. I turned it sideways and let the weighted parts rest in my palms, but getting a 40lb dumbbell into that position is hard lol

Bench Press – 50lbs first set, 40lbs second 2 sets

Push Ups – These have been hard lately. So for the third set, I said “awesome!” “great” “fuck yeah” etc. after every single one. It did make it easier!

Now I’m going to shower and start throwing together dinner for me and my love. 🙂 Then do night shift. Ugh. . . . lol

Step ups – stayed at 50lbs for all 3 sets.

Planks – Good job! 0:30, for all sets

Delicious and nutritious dinner? Check. Bag packed for night shift? Almost check. I have snacks packed. I’ve been making almond flour crackers for night shift lately…. but I don’t have any almond flour. Soooo I bought a fruit tray, made a chia seed pudding (with some dark chocolate chips, and natural peanut butter mmmmmmm), and packed a baggie of almonds. I don’t have anything salty 😦 I know I don’t need it, but I know I’ll want it at 4am lol. I bought some gluten free, chia bread because it was on sale. Maybe I’ll pack a couple slices of that to toast later with some natural PB to satisfy my urge to munch on something crunchy. Those ER nurses will be eating pizza and chips. Not me. I’ll be chowing down on honeydew, grapes, and raspberries, marking English quizzes, and meal planning for the next week. f I’m going to be awake all night, might as well be productive.

Alright. Wish me luck.


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