Holy, Busy Batman!

Wowsers. Soooo this weekend was busy. Saturday morning, when I got home from my night shift, I couldn’t sleep. I got about 2 hours of on and off sleep from 9-11. That’s the worst. It’s even worse when you have things to do. I got up and made brunch for us, and by 12 I was zonked. Slept from 12:30 until 2:30 then had to get up and get rockin’. At 4 I’d agreed to help with our Kinette movie night. I left there at 6:30, and was going to take another nap before going out for the evening, but decided I’d probably be more tired that way. Put on a cute dress and some lettings and headed to the arcade for Mike’s cousin’s birthday. There were only a few other ladies there, one of them being his girlfriend, whom I’m not fond of. Long story. By the time we went to the bar at 1:30am, there were only a handful of us left. Ran into Mike’s other cousin there, since it was her birthday weekend as well. I was soooooo tired. By the time I drove us home at 2:20 I felt like I was drunk, even though I hadn’t had anything to drink. ALSO. Being Gluten Free at a party sucks. There was veggie pizza, crackers, cheese, sausage, pickles and pizza. Sooo I had a few pieces of sausage and some cheese, and diet coke. Don’t judge me, there wasn’t any water out, and I wasn’t particularly interested in getting water from the bathroom. Mike let me lick the icing off the top of his cupcake, since I’m just avoiding sugar, and it doesn’t kill me. THAT’S true romance 😉

Sunday was tiring too. I’m too old for this lol. Sunday we went to Mike’s grandma’s apartment to look at some of her furniture. She just moved into a care home, so her couches and stuff need somewhere to go. Got groceries, and went home…. to take a nap haha. Then I had a meeting at 5, and the Kinette’s did a private viewing of “Catching Fire” just for ourselves, so Mike and I got a little date 😀 I had 10 gummy worms, and some soy snacks. Not really a cheat but I felt a little guilty about the gummies.

Today is Monday. Oi Vey. My job just got uber busy at the school. There’s another English teacher, whose husband is unwell. So I’m covering her classes. Essentially this means that I’m now working in the mornings as well as the afternoons… but I’ll still only get paid sub wages for the mornings, and my 0.44 salary for the afternoons 😦 BOO. Unless they’re feeling generous. I have also agreed to do Mommy and Me music time at another school in their family room, so even if they wanted me to fill in full time… they’d have to either decline me for Wednesday mornings, or let me leave for half an hour on Wednesday mornings. I’m fairly certain the latter would be easier for them, but we’ll see. Nobody has talked to me about this extending beyond Friday. I’m only booked am’s until Friday. Maybe they’ll find someone else so they don’t have to pay me salary…. In Manitoba, if you work 6 consecutive days in the same position, they have to give you salary wages for that time. It happened me to once. 10 days on salary. BOOM! pretty much a months pay at sub rate. Arg. I can’t find their specifics in their collective agreement.

Anyway, that teacher has been out of town, and had no actual lesson plans for me, just a general “we’re doing this” idea. Which I’m ok with, but they tried to tell me they had a bunch of stuff for me to do in the office in my “spare time”. I was like, “ummm, I don’t have any lesson plans, so I’m going to be planning” they were like… oh…. ok, but if you have free time. Right. Maybe. If I get all the notes typed out for the classes, and the assignments she needs them to do. Maybe then I will come file papers for you. Ooooooh, and I also have my own class to prep for. ARG. *foot in the door, foot in the door, foot in the door, foot in the door, foot in the door* Just keep smiling, and being busy. 😀

Worked out late this evening, at like 7. That probably won’t happen again. I enjoy it much more right after school! Wednesday I’ll hit the gym right after school. Tomorrow I have French Class, Thursday I’ll go to Aquafit again, Friday gym, and then weekend! Busy again, darn it. Friday is the Kinette Trivia night. I’m working at it. But I’ll be damned if I let that stand in the way of going to the gym. I’ll just do it quick, shower, and grab food on my way out the door. Hmmmm. Mental note, prep something on Thursday for Friday. Saturday is my very good friend’s birthday. I’m kidnapping her for a “scavenger hunt” while her hubby sets up, and people arrive at the destination. Might have to make some food to bring in my purse for this one. I don’t think anyone else there will be gluten free, and it really sucked not eating all night at the last party. Plan ahead!

Sunday, I might go to a girlfriend’s “steeped tea” party. Never been… don’t really want to buy a bunch of expensive tea, but I feel like I should be sociable with this lady. Her hubby is friends with Mike, and their both Kinsmen. Maybe we can have new couple friends?

Anyway, my arms are too sore to type. So peace out!


OH! Goals for the next while include drinking enough water. I’ve slacked in that department. And also drinking more green tea. 1 cup a day minimum this week, then 2 cups a day for the month of march. My girlfriend who is a nurse, said it might help get the depo out of my system a little quicker. Ok. Now I’m going to cuddle with my boyfriend and wind down for bed time.


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