Sunday already?!

I’m not quite ready for my English classes tomorrow, but I have some prep time in the morning, thank goodness.

I put “my plate” back on my phone. Tracked my food for today. At 7:30 I still had 450 calories to eat!!! Maybe I haven’t been eating enough food? Since my depo lapsed, I don’t get that driving urge to just eat everything anymore.

Last night, I had probably 12 tortilla chips, and twice as many ripple chips, with some spinach dip. Had a couple handfuls of veggies. One bite of cake (not gluten free). I had potatoes twice on Saturday. Once with breakfast, and then I had some potato skins when I took my girlfriend for apps while her husband set up her surprise party. I drank some wine at the party, one shooter, one cocktail, and one shot. We played the vlt’s and I came out $60 richer!

Glad I went to the gym with Mike’s sister on Saturday morning. Made me feel less crappy about drinking two nights in a row. She was impressed with my routine.  Hers is crazy. Lots of jumping around. I was tired just watching her lol. Here’s my sweaty face Saturday morning at the gym.


Weighed myself this morning, out of curiosity…… 240. Fml. I will do my monthly progress update on Thursday or Friday this week. No more potatoes for a while lol.

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