More foods!?

Soooooo this weekend at my best girly friends birthday I was talking with one of our friends who recently lost 20 pounds (like in 3 weeks)  and she said I should just check to see if I was eating enough food. I pulled up My Plate on my phone…… 400 calories left yesterday. Whaaaaaaat? Same thing today. Well that’s interesting. I didn’t even factor in my workout. So I guess I am tracking calories for the time being. And macros. I did some reading. For my body type, to get significant fat loss, I need to aim for 10-20% carbs, 30-40% fat, and 40-50% protein. I boiled a bunch of eggs tonight  so that I can add one to a meal when I’m lacking in the protein department. Today my macros were 34% protein, 39% fat, and 26% carbs. Pretty close. I had cheese on my dinner. That added significantly to the carb/fat portion, and I wasn’t really thinking about macros at all, I just looked at that part of my app out of curiosity.

My NLA for her stuff came in this weekend. I used the pre workout and amino recovery drinks Saturday, and started the thermogenics on Sunday. Take that body fat! The drink mixes A) taste amazing! And B) don’t have any dye in them! The powder is white and my drinks just look like water that’s a little cloudy. That excites me 😀

Today I switched to proper dead lifts. OH MY GOD! My legs are so Ooooooooo tired. I had to power down from the 60-70 pounds I was doing with straight leg dead lifts, to 50 pounds. Plus the 60 lunges. Holy crap. And instead of planks (which I’ve been doing in place of hanging knee tucks) I did reverse crunches. Wow. Today’s workout made me sweat.

Last day of Level 2 of Dumbbell Divison this evening. Level 3 looks intimidating!



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