Legs. Oy vey

My legs hurt! Holy crap. Like the first time I ever did squats in bodyweight brigade level 1 hurts!

Stayed within my macros today. Went over on my calories, by 47. But i was under yesterday and the day before. So I’m not worried. Oh god…… I hope eating more helps get this party started!! That’s my eating disorder brain talking. The second email I ever got from NerdFitness.com said if you’re not losing weight, you’re probably not eating enough. I need to trust the science.

One of my girlfriends told me that she had noticed a change in my body, and that I seem happier. Part of that is the little bit of progress that I have made has given me the confidence to go out in something other than yoga pants and a hoodie lol.

Tomorrow I start level 3 of Dumbbell Division! I’m nervous and excited! And I’m excited for dinner! I’m making a personal fave that Mike’s not really a fan of, but he has kinsmen, so I get to make whatever I want! It’s basically ground beef, curry powder, and cabbage. Mmmmmmm. Low carb, low fat, high protein! 

I’m full time right now at the school, while another teacher is on stress leave. They’re working to get me full time salary for the time I’m filling in for her, instead of paying me sub rate for the morning and salary for the afternoons. Yay! I’ll be able to pay all my bills! Maybe even go down to Winnipeg to see my family πŸ™‚

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