Food food food!

I went over on my calories by 107,but didn’t put my workout into my app, so I’m happy with that. To be honest, it’s because I made a mug cake to fill my calories, and I put some natural peanut butter in it, but forgot to put it in my app, then I put some 85% chocolate in it…. And BOOM! over. Ah well.

Here are my macros for today :


Pretty much where they should be! Hooray!
Dumbbell Division level 3 was intense! I was just thinking yesterday,  “I feel like I’m neglecting my triceps” and then there it was on the plan. Tricep dips. I did em wit maximum assistance on the machine because my triceps have the strength of a 5 year old (or less). I’ve never actually done a tricep dip. Ever. Lol

I had someone (a male friend) tell me, for a the hundredth time, I’m going to get bulky if I keep lifting. I told him I will never have enough testosterone to get bulky, and another lady who was on her way out called out “exactly! You just keep lifting!” I showed him a picture of Staci Anderson and Amy Updike (two ladies I follow on Instagram) and he shut right up. *sigh* And even if I could bulk up, who are you to say I shouldn’t? Ugh. Soooooooo tired of having this conversation. I’m just gonna go smokin’ and laugh when they ask how I got there. Muahaha.

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