March Progress Update

March 7, 2014

Weight: 236.3 (-2,  -4.2 total)      Body Fat: 40.% (-0.2, -0% total ) Hmmmmmmm….

Waist: 35.5 (-0.5, -2 total)   Chest: 36 (-2, -3 total)/42.5 (-1, -1.5 total)   Hips: 42.5 (-4.5, -5 total)

Thighs: R: 27.5 (-1, -1.5 total)   L: 27.5 (-1, -2 total)

Biceps: R: 13 (+0.5, -1  total)   L: 13 (-0, -1.5 total)

Alright. Now I see why my waist wasn’t moving at all! My hips were too busy re-shapingthemselves! And my biceps have evened out, even though I can still feel one being weaker than the other. Eating more food hasn’t taken any kind of toll on me, thank god, and frankly, the “OH MY GOD, I STILL HAVE _____ CALORIES LEFT FOR TODAY” is kind of exciting! I’m pretty sure I packed too much, calorie wise, for my night shift, but then I remembered that it stretches into tomorrow too! (that is unfortunate, because I’m EXHAUSTED already and I’ve only been here an hour…….. working full time, and then doing this is harder than subbing then working nights) Anyway, since I’m going to sleep until lunch, it’s ok that I’ll consume 300-500 calories after midnight (depending on when I eat what).

I made some side by side comparisons of January/March. I think I will do that for my monthly blog post, then just put the months pictures on my Progress page. 😀 Here they are:




Come on bum! Get round! I still have a pancacke bum from the back, and panties look weird hahah (must mean I look better naked? 😉  )

Sunday is Mike’s birthday. We’re doing cake tomorrow at his parents. It’s their family tradition whenever there’s a birthday, they all get together for cake. 🙂 If I’m awake in time, and feeling up to it, I might try to make a gluten free cake…. but chances are I’ll just have a scoop of ice cream, and skip the cake. OOOOOR@! thanks to Instagram, I’m going to bring a Quest bar with me, nuke that for a few seconds, and put ice cream on it! I won’t go so far as to make banana ice cream. I’ll take the little cheat 🙂 Mmmmmmm. I’ll try to remember to snap a pic. If I don’t put it up on here, it’ll be in my side bar where I have my Instagram pictures featured 😀

Happy Friday y’all! Now I just need to stay awake for 9 more hours. Whoop whoop!


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