Junky Sunday

It’s Sunday. My body hasn’t recovered from my night shift quite yet. I had cramps is afternoon, which was with, since I haven’t had a period for almost 3 years. I’ve eaten junk today that I haven’t eaten since new years. Had a whole container of Haagen Däs. And some gluten free chips which were meaga processed. And a whole 85%chocolate bar, instead of just 3 squares like I’d normally have. It’s ok. I haven’t eaten outrageously for a very long time. And it still wasn’t nearly as bad as certain time periods in my life. Like when I was only eating 500-800 calories, but on weekends I’d have a whole pizza, a 2 litre of diet soda, popcorn with tonnes of butter (Oh yeah, I air popped some corn tonight too) and a 2 litre tub of ice cream in one night. Sometimes I’d also fit in some chips and salsa. Yeesh. I’m calling this a cheat evening. I’ll be good tomorrow again. 😀

Tomorrow is Michael’s birthday! But I’m pretty broke, so it’s a card and a small gift card. But that’s ok. We love each other and that’s what really counts. Tee hee.

One of my girlfriends is considering joining my gym! We swim together occasionally but she said she’d like a buddy to go to the gym with. I’d be down. As much as I like doing my own thing, it’s nice to go with someone. Speaking of, Mike might come with me tomorrow. Though he’s got a pinched nerve in his neck that makes his eye twitch, and when it’s been doing it all day, he’s not too keen on the idea when I get home from work. He admits that going would probably make him feel better. I get it though. He’s just not ready to commit to it. He will in time. He’s done it before, so he’s completely capable. Maybe seeing me change will inspire him lol.

So this week it’s :
Monday : gym after work. Supper, marking
Tuesday : Kinette meeting. I’m skipping French class this week because I’m making a speech for an award I’m trying to get
Wednesday : gym after work, supper then swimming some laps with my girlfriend. We’ll see how that goes haha.
Thursday : meeting in the evening. Maybe I’ll get some swimming in too
Friday : gym after work!

The teacher I’m covering for in the morning is only off officially until the end of this week. It doesn’t sound like she’ll be back Monday but I’d really like a break from these grade 9’s. The one group are just mean people. I had to call some parents this weekend. Doesn’t sound like it’ll do much good, but I’m still hopeful.

As a side note, did you know that Friday is steak and blow job day? Hahah (^_-)

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