Muscles…. burning…. ow!

As expected, Dumbbell Division 3C was HARD. I got to squat with a bar though, that was pretty exciting~! And hard lol. 5 sets of 5 with an empty bar. I wondered, going into it, why it broke it down into such small sets…. I didn’t wonder for long. Squatting with a bar is soooooo much harder than squatting with a dumbbell, even though I was squatting with a heavier dumbbell. I can’t wait to start stacking weight on that sucka! But I know that won’t be for a while, and I need to be patient. Not even my amino recovery drink could combat the soreness.

Also, I took an awesome picture of me in the squat rack. BA-DAMN  I’m curvy lol. You can see it to the right of this post, in my Instagram roll 🙂

I got a phone call at school this morning, and I won the $100 gift card from the Co-Op this week! And Michael’s sister booked our flights for Spring Break! Twas’ overall a great day (other than my high school kids being … ahem. less than respectful) Tomorrow is Tuesday, so school, and Kinettes 🙂

Monday. Check! NAILED IT> hahaha.


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