Cheat day!

Holy crap. Have I been busy. Monday, went to the gym. Wednesday did my weights, then went to lap swim. Thursday went swimming again. Friday, the gym just didn’t happen. I had wine night, and I needed to get some groceries and make supper. . . . and I didn’t want to have to shower and get ready to go out. I was soooo tired after work. I made supper, and sat down for a bit, then it was time to go for wine.

So . . . wine night? Yeah. I figured that working out would make me have a higher alcohol tolerance. FALSE. I had the spins SOooooo bad when I got home, and Mike was pretty sure I was going to fall over. He was on call, and had a call out… I don’t remember him telling me he was leaving. Or him coming home. Yeesh. Wine, you’re an evil mistress. I have eaten so much food today, and so much of that food was carb loaded. Meh. Back on track tomorrow. 

Spring break is in a couple of weeks. Mike’s sister booked our flights! (She won a round trip flight to Winnipeg for 2, and decided to share with me!) I talked to my Dad today, which is a rarity. I told him Mike and want to buy a house, he told me I should wait until I live down south to look at houses….. I have no intentions of living down south. He knows that. He still tries.

I have a couple of night shifts during spring break (the monday and tuesday). Wednesday I’ll recover. Thursday morning I have a massage…. then we take off! .  .  .  .But that’s 2 weeks away. I still have to make it through 2 more weeks of high school English. . . . woohoo. Arg.


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