The mirror is deceiving

So my rabbit broke her leg 😦 My very awesome boyfriend took her to the vet, and paid them $544 to examine, xray, and splint it. Found out today, if we’d driven 6 hours to the nearest major urban centre… we would have paid a maximum of $200 for the same services. And there’s no way gas would have cost us $300. So it still would have been cheaper.  Grr. Basically had it out with the vet today… who is “deathly allergic” to rabbits. The vet I called in far away land literally laughed out loud and said she’d never heard of anyone being allergic to a rabbit before. Needless to say, right now, we have like zero dollars. I went to the hospital and got tongue depressors, guaze and medical tape to fix my bunny. I work there, so they just gave it to me 🙂

HOWEVER. I just got an email from my school’s payroll clerk, and she said “looks like you should plan a spring get-away”. That’s good. Payday is next Wednesday. Just gotta make it 8 more days without money…….. right. 😀

Did Dumbbell Division 3C today and it DID NOT kick my ass! I did all the squats and felt grand after. And I made it up my apartment steps no problem!

AND Another non-scale victory:

In January I bought a new sports bra, with 2 clip up sections (lower and upper). Usually I put it on with the clips in front of me, and then turn it around and tuck myself in, because the band is so tight on me. Today I went to put on my bra and I just slipped it on and did up the bottom clips behind me. I thought to myself, “oh crap, I’m going to have to take it off and do it again” . . . but voila! I got the top done up behind me too.

Consequently, I wasn’t very happy with the mirror today. A) I’m a bit bloated, woke up with 4:30 am cramps (boo) but YAY maybe my period is coming back? Maybe the Depo is getting the hell out of my system? and B) it seems that when I’m in the process of losing weight, I always think I look like I”m getting bigger. Seriously. Whenever I’m gaining I’m like “ooooo. I look nice”. How weird is that? I think it’s because I lose in weird places in a weird order, but kinda pack it on all at once? Does that make sense?

Count with me now…. 8 days until money!


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