Lifted some more shit!

I’ve been really shoddy at posting, and the last 2 weeks I’ve only worked out twice a week, and I haven’t been swimming at all. 😦 I just finished doing report cards. And I’ve spent the last two weeks marking the shit load of late assignments my students handed in. Oh and we’ve been taking care of Daisy who has a broken leg. That’s been stressful too. I’m going to make it 3 times this week, if it kills me.

Next week is spring break . I’ve got night shifts on Monday and Tuesday, and I’m flying home Thursday. I’ve got a gym plan ready for in the city. I’m going to go to my old gym! So pretty and clean and nice smelling. Oh YMCA I miss you!

Wednesday night I did Dumbbell Division 3B. One more round then I level up to level 4. I will get to do my first level 4 workout in Winnipeg, at shiny gym…. in front of a bajillion muscley men. (those don’t exist at my current gym)

DB Deadlift – 3×8 – Increased my weight from 50 t0 60 pounds for all three reps. This is the first time that I’ve felt a deadlift in my abs!
Pullups – 3x Max Reps – I have been putting the machine on 13 (I can’t remember how much assisted weight that is). This time I did 12, 13, 13
Hip Raises – 3×10 – with two 25lb dumbbells on my hips, also with my back on a bench, I wanted some maximal burn. I would like to up the weight…. but getting them onto my hips from the floor is quite awkward.
Inverted Row – 3×10 – Did a dumbbell row. Last time I used a 20lb weight for all three sets. This time I used a 25lb weight for set 1 and 2, and then bumped back down to 20 for set 3.
Reverse Crunch – 3×10 – Still feeling the burn for these, but I’m almost able to bring my feet completely down to the floor for each rep now (instead of having my knees bent).

I’ve been weighing myself every once in a while. Still no change. Also, I’m not getting smaller at the moment, but my body is reshaping itself. I think it looks a little different. But it’s definitely getting more and more disappointing the longer I workout. *sigh* FRUUUUUUCK YOU BODY!!!

Friday I completed Dumbbell Divsion 3C. I walked to the gym! It’s finally not minus 4928129575 outside!

Front Squat 5×5 – Added two 5.5lb plates this time. Could definitely feel the burn! And it threw off the rest of my workout haha
Barbell Push Press – 3×8 – 60lbs (two 30 lb dumbbells)…. only got 3 in, switched down to 50 for the rest of set 1. Set 2, 50 lbs. Set 3, my legs and arms were tired…. so I switched down to 40lbs
Dumbbell Lunge – 3×20 – set 1 used 60lbs. Set 2 50 lbs, and I had to break set 2 into two parts, and do a set of reverse crunches in between. Set 3, 40lbs. Oi
Hanging Knee Tucks – 3x 10 – Still can’t do these. Soooo still doing reverse crunches. *sigh*

Pushup progress? None. Tried to do one on my toes, I pretty much fell on my face. So we’re still on knee pushups here.

This is my last week of level 3. Level 4 looks friggin scary!!!!!! My goal for March was to drink green tea every day. My goal for April is to do one bonus option every workout. I rarely do them anymore. BAD NESSA!

Next week looks like this:

Monday- Do my taxes. Go to the gym. I have lots of time, because it’s SPRING BREAK!!!! Come home. Make delicious and nutritious dinner… then … night shift 😦

Tuesday – Go for a walk?  If it’s not too cold out. I have to deliver some letters for Trout Festival. So maybe I’ll walk to do the ones in my area, then drive to the rest. Then another night shift 😦 boo. But I don’t get paid over spring break, so I need to make up the money somehow.

Wednesday – Recover from night shifts. Go to the gym. Cook a delicious and nutritious dinner, then I’ve got a meeting at 7. Oh and I’ll need to pack for Thursday.

Thursday – 10:30am massage!!!! Then I’ll hang out all day. Make sure the apartment is tidy. Maybe take a nap. 5:30 head to the airport, 6:00 Mike’s sister and I depart!

Friday – Wake up. Get some breakfast/protein shake somewhere, then head to the gym! Come back to the hotel, shower. Read for a bit. Walk the 25 minutes to the mall.Do some shopping! Going to get some protein powder, Quest bars, and some other stuff (makeup and clothes) I might not be able to get in town. Will probably have to take a cab back to my hotel room haha. Maybe see a movie in the evening.

Saturday – Get up. Chill out. Maybe walk to Starbucks for a coffee (15 minute walk). I think my aunt is going to bring my little cousin to play in the pool at my hotel 😀

Sunday – going to visit my Dad with my sister. This is the part of my trip I’m least looking forward to. My family is ridiculous. They’re jerks. They’re self-absorbed and self-centered. And I will bet you any money they ask why I’m not skinnier if I’ve been working out as much as I say I have been…. *sigh* Gonna crash hard at the hotel this night.

Monday – Check out. take the hotel shuttle to the airport, and check all my stuff. Or maybe I’ll see if my Aunty is free and wants to do girl time? I might do Workout 4A… but I’m not sure how the lugging-my-gym-clothes-around-the-city-with-me-all-day-will work out for me. Guess it will depend on what Mike’s sister is doing, an anybody else I know in the city. Fly home in the evening, and BOOM. Back to teaching on Tuesday. *whew*

What a whirlwind life I lead!


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