4:00am jump rope sessions.

I’m on night shift number 2. . . . I may have actually nodded off. That’s never happened to me before. To be fair, I’m watching “The Godfather” Part I and it’s not always exciting enough to keep me awake. Good thing I brought my jump rope with me. My calves feel pretty tight right now.

3 hours until I get to go home and crash. Then I’m going to sleep until well after noon, eat brekky, go to the gym and come home. I have a meeting for our Slo-Pitch league tonight. Mike has Kinsmen, So I don’t have to cook a nice dinner. Just a chicken breast for me, and maybe steam some veggies. Will probably have a couple drinks at the meeting tonight. It’s a block away from our apartment, in the sports bar down the street. I’ve been eating pretty shitty lately…. So why not 😛 I’m going to get strict after I come back from the city. And I’m going to start running again. I signed up for a colour run in September with a few girlfriends.  I have more than enough time to train up for it, but if I start now, there’s some wiggle room. And maybe I’ll get to the point where I enjoy running before I actually do the run. I did a 5k 3 years ago when I moved here, and I stopped training 3 weeks before the run. It wasn’t the most fun thing I’ve ever done. This time I will be prepared.

I made a workout schedule for myself for April. I’ve done it once before, and it worked rather well. It’s all colour coordinated. I’ll be sure to post a picture on here at some point.

The jump rope session is wearing off. It lasted about half an hour, but I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tired to do it again. As it is, I spent more time re-starting, and hitting myself with the rope than actually jumping over it. Too hard to be coordinated at this time in the morning.

Tomorrow I’ve got my massage, then I need to pack!!! Mike’s taking his sister and me to the airport for 7pm. I know I’ve got all day to pack, but I like to be organized. Plus there are always things I forget last minute. I rented a car for my time in the city. It just seemed like it was going to be too hectic trying to coordinate the major shopping I need to do, going to the gym, and carrying all that stuff around with me….. I’ve done it before, shopped a bunch, then had an awkward arm load of parcels to carry around with me, but not when I know there will be a minimum 20 minute walk, and not when I’m stocking up on things I can’t get in my home town, like Rabbit food, and hay for her, and protein powder, and  whatever else I figure I “need”. I’m just going to throw it all in my car, and leave it there until Monday. Then I’ll drive to the airport, make a stop at the bus depot, and send myself a nice big box of stuff on the bus. Plus this way, I have no excuse not to workout on Monday during the day. I don’t have to worry about getting back to my hotel to pack up before chekout time. I can just shower at the gym and throw my gym bag in my luggage. Easy Peasy.

I can’t wait to replace my 5 year old make-up, that is so past date, it burns when I put it on my skin. (don’t worry, I don’t actually use it any more. I just kept the bottle for the colour code). New mascara! And bras that fit!!!!! And a big, giant, sparkly gym, and a gym date with my best friend in the city 😀 Yeah. I’m a little excited. I was worried that I would have to severely limit my purchases…. but I got my tax refund yesterday. Sooooo no worries in that department. I’m not going to go crazy, and purchase an Ikea kitchen or anything, but I will definitely buy myself a nice bra that fits properly. For the size I am now.  I’m not currently shrinking, and I have come to terms with it. Better to have clothes that fit me at this size, than to keep squishing into things “I’ll fit soon”. That isn’t the case with my bras. It’s a case of not having been to a city where I can get a high quality bra for over a year. And my little La Senza bras are not meant to hold these puppies in.

5:00am. 2.5 more hours. I’m freezing. I wish I had a blankie. . . . but then I’d probably just fall asleep anyway. That’s a huge no no.  I’m going to try to watch a more stimulating movie….. I just need to be entertained for 2 hours, then I start to pack up. Plus my cross shift lady usually comes in a good 15 minutes early. I might even get home in time to give Mike a kiss before he goes to work. 🙂 Mmmmmm. Boyfriend kisses. I’m going to miss him while I’m away. We haven’t really spent that much time apart since we moved in together. He drove to the city for an MRI, but he only stayed one night, then drove home the next day. I miss him when I have night shifts. This might be a little hard for me. At least I’ll be somewhere there is always cell phone reception!

Ok. Time is moving slowly. Going to go distract myself. Maybe have coffee number 3 of the shift. It should wear off by the time I walk home…. If not I’ll just counteract it with a glass of wine when I get home 😀

Goodnight/Good morning! Happy April. Happy Spring Break.


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