Tonight I fly :D

Just had a massage. It was divine. I feel so relaxed and loosey goosey! Had a beer when I came home (her suggestion. It helps get all toxins the massages released, out of your body). I am not at all packed. But I have my outfits laid out for my trip.  I’ve got lots of time… (famous last words) Here’s my workout calendar for April!

2014-04-01 21.20.06

After I’m done Level 4 of Dumbbell Division, I’m going to take a week long break. My massage therapist (who is also a personal trainer, and a nutritionist) said it will help get over plateaus.

Here’s a progress picture from my “Operation Red Dress” Page. I also added a new jacket I’d like to fit into on that page.


Anyway, I have to get packing! Just wanted to share my calendar with you!


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