And my glorious return was followed by defeat

Alright. That was a stupid week.

Monday was great. Went to the gym. Felt great. Tuesday, felt good, but wasn’t completely sold on running quite yet. Daisy was suddenly not eating very much. Wednesday….. came home and Daisy’s leg looked awful. She was sitting at it at a weird angle…. turns out the limb had died, and was hanging there, and …. she had been trying to chew it off. It was awful. We got in to the vet and had her put down. Pretty sure we could have had it amputated, and she would have been fine… but it’s a rabbit. She wasn’t a baby or a dog. I just couldn’t justify spending another $600 on a vet bill for her. So needless to say, I didn’t work out on Wednesday evening. Thursday I did a bunch of running around for our Kin function yesterday, then had a meeting, then finished my running around, and popped into a friend’s birthday party for an hour or so. Yesterday was good Friday, and our Kin function. It was great, but a lot of work. Michael is the Kinsmen Bar Chair, but none of the guys helped him at all. I helped him set up, and refresh and take down the bar, as well as setting up for the general meeting and penny parade portions of the evening. BUSY! A few people wanted to go out after, so they went, and we packed up. Kind of lame that it was just the two of us doing all the work, but it’s a service club, I guess I’ll just put my feet up at some other event 😛 Anyway, We had to set up a t 11am, and we left there at 1am. My gym was closed, so I couldn’t sneak off to get a workout in, and in all reality, no part of me even wanted to.

I keep looking at the space where Daisy’s “house” was. We cleaned and packed up all her things on Wednesday. I spent all evening doing that. Mike came home from his Kinsmen meeting, and helped me stack her stuff up in the corner. I keep wanting to say “Good morning Daisy” when I get up, and I’m so used to waking up, taking care of her, letting her out for the day, then getting on with my day, that now there are minutes of my life that just seem to serve no purpose. It’s the same on my lunch break. Usually, I’d come home, feed bunny, then I’d have about 10 or 15 minutes to throw together a lunch for myself. I just feel blah. Not super sad, but just blah. On top of that, despite the fact that I’m already working in a school, full time, I’m still not getting interviewed for September jobs ARG!!!! FML.

My fingers are crossed for the last round of interviews in this town. I really, really, really do not want to move, nor does Michael. Our friends, and his family are here. I know that it wouldn’t be as big a deal as I make it out to be, but it would be a pain in the ass… and expensive. U-Haul’s are not cheap to rent. Oh, and I don’t want to move. *sigh* Maybe I’ll apply at the mine, and see if they’ll hire me there. I’d take a bit of a pay cut, but let’s be realistic. I’m only getting full time wages for March – June for this year anyway, then it’s back to the hospital for the summer, and a HUGE pay cut, lower than my sub wages even. So it would definitely be worth it.

Anyway, enough complaining. Time to be pro-active. I was hoping to actually start running this week. Hopefully outside because the rink is closed at 3:30 now that hockey is over, and therefore their running/walking track is also closed… but then this happened!


A lot of it is melting already, but it’s going to be a slushy/icy mess tomorrow!!!! Maybe we’ll get some stellar weather in the next couple of days, and it will be dry pavement again!

So. Plan for this week:

Saturday (that’s today): Marking. and more marking. and maybe some wine with that marking.

Sunday – Maybe go run on the treadmill at the gym. Realistically this probably won’t happen, since I’m ridiculously behind on my marking. Then there’s Easter dinner in the evening

Monday – Work. GYM!!!!!

Tuesday – Work. Run??!! Need to put some music in my phone so I can use my fancy Couch to 5K app

Wednesday – Work. Student support meeting.  Hoping to be done my meeting by 5 at the very latest!!!! Gym and a quick dinner. Then I’m going to Dessert Theater at the school at 7. (still need to find a date. Pretty sure Mike is not at all interested in going to see a high school production)

Thursday – Work. Student support meeting. RUN

Friday – Work. Coffee date with a girlfriend. GYM. My life sounds so exciting.

Saturday – Hoping to get a run in during the afternoon. I have a “meeting” to plan a girlfriend’s 40th birthday party in the evening.

Alright. I can do this. Back on track this week.


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