Thinking positively

Here we go. Monday morning. I’m filled with forced positivity!

I WILL go to the gym after school today. I WILL start my running regime on Tuesday.

A few more things have wiggled their way into my schedule. Yeesh. Ok. I’ve got this. πŸ˜€

Easter weekend was good. Friday we had our Kin meeting/social event. Saturday morning I got up early to do some marking. Got a good 1/2 of it done. Sunday, got up, finished another 1/4 of my marking and mark entries on the computer. Then we had Easter dinner at Mike’s grandpa’s house. It was great. Delicious and warm. The food was delicious. The house was warm. I always feel like part of the family while I’m there. The topic of pets came up, and we (all the cousins) were talking about what kind of pet/breed of dog we should get. One of his aunt’s turns around and says, “Yu know, instead of getting another pet, you could just get a baby!”. I got a little freaked out because WHAT IF I ALREADY HAVE A BABY IN ME???????? It’s possible that my fertility has returned, though unlikely. And we haven’t been super “careful”. I’m pretty sure if I did get pregnant, it wouldn’t be a HUGE deal, since we do want kids some day, but I’d really like to be married and in a house, or at least one of those things (preferably married) first! On the way home, I brought it up, and suggested that maybe I should be taking a pregnancy test every couple of weeks, since we have no way of knowing if I am even ovulating. He agreed. I ordered 25 pregnancy tests on ebay for $7 when I got home. I also printed out a chart, so maybe I can figure out when the hell I’m fertile, whenever that kicks in again.

It’s 3:20. Fifteen minutes until the bell rings. My class is doing a survey that I, thankfully, do not have to administer. I DO NOT feel like going to the gym. This is where it would normally fall apart. Screw the however many weeks I’ve put into this. Just drop it. BUT I’m not going to. I will go home, change into gym clothes, and rock a mighty workout. And I’ll feel so much better afterwards. I think I’m going to do Dumbbell Division 4A again, since I didn’t do ANYTHING else last week. Hopefully no more pets die this week. (that’s a joke. I only had one rabbit). GYM AND RUN. This will happen. This needs to happen. I need to get my ass in gear for the run in the fall. I’d really like to be able to run 10k by the time it comes around.

OK. Action Plan: Go home. Complain about going to the gym for 10-15 mintues while I mix my pre-workout/amino juice. Then just do it. Come home and make a divine dinner. Not sure what that’ll be, but it will be divine. I promise.

Bell went. Here I go.

DONE! I feel good. Kind of bloated, but that’s been a factor since this morning.  😦 and I’ve got some rosy discharge. Maybe I have my period? Hmmmmm

Oh well. I went. I gym’d. I got a metal sliver from one of the dumbbells, and I overcame. Phew. Time to relax for the evening.


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