Weekend workout!

Friday was exhausting. My students pretty much drained every ounce of energy I had. After school, Mike and I went to the Leisure show, and bought some pickled garlic/asparagus/cucumbers, and a bag of cheesy popcorn. I got some insoles (they’re delightful, and make my flats feel 100% more bearable). Then we came home, made dinner, and vegged out. I had a date with the gym. But it was my first evening of the week where I didn’t have any kind of meeting, or plans, so I opted to stay close to home and cuddle up. We were ready to go to bed at 9, but I refused to be that couple quite yet. We threw on a movie we’ve already seen…. and I fell asleep. In bed by 11. lol. Make fun of me if you wish, but I needed it.

There was a job ad in the paper yesterday for a Grade 6 teacher from September – March for next school year. I ran around like a mad woman on my lunch break, buying a report cover from Walmart to make it look all fancy. Also included a sample unit plan. Fingers are crossed that I at least get an interview for it!@!!!!!

Today, we got up. did some “cardio”, then we had breakfast, chilled for a bit, and I went and let his parents dog out and went to the gym. I missed my thermogenic this morning…. so I decided to try something I’ve seen one of the Fitness Competitors I follow on Instagram do. I took both before leaving to do my errands, anticipating a big spike in energy when I got to the gym a half hour after. I did have a huge spike in energy….. but partway through my workout it kicked in. When I got home, I was all a flutter. Talking a mile a minute, and ready to get my dancing shoes on! But it was only 2:00, so I showered and had lunch like a responsible adult. 😛 Boo.

Also today, I ordered myself a new toy 😀

Screenshot 2014-04-26 21.20.52


That’s the Polar FT60 model 😀 😀 😀 I cannot WAIT for it to get here~!!!!!! I realize that heart rate monitors are not meant to track calories during weight lifting sessions…. but I’m curious to know how much effort it tells me I’m expending.

Tomorrow, hopefully it will be nice out and I can go for a “run” since I only did 1 last week. Planned meals for Monday-Wednesday, so I’ll at least have an idea of what I’m throwing together next week! And everything I’ve planned so far is paleo-friendly. Hoping to ease my way back to 80% paleo eating!!

Alright, time for some more couch time with my man. Gooooood night y’all.


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