Sunday…. Runday!

I went for a run on a Sunday afternoon. That’s right. Me. The lazy bum who considers her weekends “sacred” and doesn’t want to give any of them to the gym. How silly that all was.

It was hella windy here. Think 26km/h (16 miles per hour)! Plus I chose a path with a lot of hills. It was great! I took my thermogenics the same way I did yesterday. It’s definitely the way to go for cardio I think. Then had some amino recovery drink after to minimize the leg ouchies tomorrow. ย It was great! I know I already said that, but it really was. I took my inhaler beforehand, and off I went. I didn’t have to quit early, and I only shorted one of my intervals. The wind shifted part way into my run, so when I turned around to come back home….. I was against wind again hahhahah. I’m pretty sure I’m the slowest runner known to mankind. But that’s ok. I ran, and I didn’t die, and I did much better than the last time I ran. ๐Ÿ˜€

Drawbacks? One. It’s 9pm and I’m bored. If it wasn’t still hella windy out, I might consider a walk around the lake (4.3km of gorgeous scenery/steep hills/stairs), but I’m also not sure that the snow is completely melted, and walking in knee deep snow is lame. And cold. Anyway. I’m bored. I finished my book, and am now feeling ancy. I want to go for a cruise, or walk somewhere, or do something. Mike is busy reading Game of Thrones, and he’s been super into it all day. ย I would like to dance. Partially, it’s because we stayed in all weekend, but mostly because I now have that energy you get from working out. *sigh*

Other fitness excitement? I signed up for a spin class!!!!! I might die, but I’m going to try it. My girlfriend convinced me to join her. They always look so hardcore in movies. Ah well. 8 weeks of stationary biking. I can’t wait to get my heart rate monitor so I can maximize my fat burnine ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway. That’s all for me for now. Oh! Almost forgot, schedule for the week :

Monday – Work. Meeting. Gym!

Tuesday – Work. RUN!

Wednesday – Work. Meeting. Gym!

Thursday – Work. Dinner. Meeting… SPIN! Hopefully my food will be well digested by 7pm!

Friday – Work. GYM!

Saturday – RUN. then Pub Putt!

Sunday – Run again? We’ll see how hungover I am haha.


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