Wednesday!!! Oh wait…. that’s not Friday :(

I went to the gym after school yesterday. And gueeeeess what!!!? I FINALLY upped my bench press from 50 to 60 pounds!!!! I have been stuck at 50 for what feels like forever! I am doing a happy dance! !!!!!,, so fricken excited! AND my upped bench press weight didn’t produce a terribly sore back/biceps. Must be getting stronger.

On a whim, a girlfriend and I bought tennis racquets after work. I played tennis in gym class….. 13 years ago. Oh, and it’s almost golf season again! Looking forward to that too. 

Tennis was terrible, but in a fun way. So terrible, that we have dubbed that time “Terrible-Tennis-Time” and it’s sure to happen again. 

Have a meeting after school, then it’s gym time or run time. I haven’t decided yet, it’ll depend on how I’m feeling by that time. I’m not terribly sore, though my legs are definitely telling me they noticed my increased activity level yesterday. I’m not sure if I’m experiencing less Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or I’m just used to the feeling now. hahahaha. 

The job I applied for closes today, my fingers/toes/eyes/ovaries and whatever else could possibly be crossed are crossed. I want a permanent teaching job SO BAD. I’m sooooo willing to work, and put in extra work. I need salary money to pay my bills and save for a deposit on a house. Living off of sub wages is ridiculous. And I definitely can’t afford rent by myself on them. And I really would like to not teach high school next year. These kids are draining some days. I care way more about them, and their work habits, and their lives than they do. Ugh. I find myself living for the weekend, which I NEVER did as a music specialist. I mean, I was happy when it came, but I didn’t drag my feet on the way there. Not like I do now. Now, it seems like no matter what I do, what rules I have to implement, they don’t care, and nothing changes. “Bring a pencil to class.”  “Bring a pencil to class.”  “Bring a pencil to class.”  “Bring a pencil to class.”  “Bring a pencil to class.”  “Bring a pencil to class.”  “Bring a pencil to class, or you’ll be staying after school/get a phone call home/have extra homework” they just don’t care. It’s so frustrating. I had a student show up without any of their things. “Where is your bag?” “In my locker”…………. right. That will totally help you to be successful. “Go get your bag” *EYEROLL* and all I can do is sigh. SO FRUSTRATING!!! And phone calls home don’t matter anymore. I call, they make excuses “Well student X is forgetful” “Oh no. My student would never tell you to eff off, or roll their eyes while they’re talking. Maybe they don’t like you” “I don’t understand how student X  got such a poor mark. Are you sure you explained it properly?” (that was regarding an assignment I went over on 3 separate occasions…… and put the format up on the board, pretty much giving them the answers) I may be losing faith in my profession. Maybe we shouldn’t force them to take English class. And when they can’t fill out an application form…..well, they might just not get a job. If you can’t fill out proper reports, you can’t keep your job. Or maybe they’ll all get a buddy who knows how to write, and slowly the educated will become lower class citizens as a result….. Wouldn’t that be scary??!!!

Sorry for the teacher rant there. But seriously, it seems like nobody cares anymore. *sigh*

Where was I again… oh right. Fitness! Went for a run this evening. Let’s try that again. TRIED to go for a run . . . Life Lesson: Do not wear pants with no drawstring when going for a run….. I made it 30 seconds into interval 1, and had to pull up my pants. Same for interval 2 and 3. By interval 4 I gave up. But I did enjoy my hilly, 1km walk 😀

These pants fit awesome when I’m doing squats, and other, less active, sweaty things. But my body apparently likes to just shimmy right out while running. Duly noted. hahahahah

Wow, that was long. My bad. yeesh. Anywho. Monthly progress update tomorrow. I’m wincing a little because I know I slacked too much at the beginning of April, but now I know what to avoid. Wish me luck.


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