May Progress Report

I will get to my progress update at the end of this post.

Yesterday (Thursday) I went to the gym after my meeting, and did half of my workout. (Dumbbell Division 4B) and felt super nauseous. I guess that extra hour and a bit stretched my meals too far and I just didn’t have enough energy to do it. We went for dinner after that, I had fish, which was breaded ugh, and coleslaw and yellow beans. I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff on paleo eating, because I really would like to get back to there, and it’s going to be hard to eat out again. *sigh* Total blonde moment . . . Thought this week was the week my spin class was cancelled….. it’s next  week!!! That’s ok. I picked up a sub spot for tonight, so I won’t have missed a week. But I’ll have to pay for the class, which sucks, but lesson learned.

WHOA. Today’s class was the last in the Friday series, so it was hard. So my first spin class was hard. BUT, all my squats certainly paid off! I can still walk, and though my legs are shaky, and a bit sore, it’s not as bad as when I “level up” to the next workout in the academy! According to the bike (which didn’t have any of my personal information in it) I burned 150 calories …… *pfft*. C’mon heart rate monitor, ship faster~~~!!!!!


All red faced and sweaty from spin!
All red faced and sweaty from spin!

Alright, enough stalling. Here is my May progress. I changed how I am measuring things. 1: My chest, I am only measuring my bra band measurement from now on, since my actual chest measurement is different if I’m wearing a different bra/not wearing a bra. 2: My thighs and biceps will now be measured wherever they’re biggest. So even though I’m sure my thighs are smaller than they were the last time I measured them…. I have no way to know where I measured them last time! So for those measurements, there will be no (+) or (-) signs. 3: I added wrist, ankle, and neck measurements, just for shits and giggles.


May 1, 2014

Weight: 245.5 (+9.2,  +5 total)      Body Fat: 40.9% (+0.9, +0.9% total ) Does that mean the 9 pounds I’ve gained are all muscle?

Waist: 36.5    Chest: 39 (no bra)   Hips: 51 (at biggest part)

Thighs: R: 30   L: 30.5      Biceps: R: 14.5   L: 14      Wrists: R: 6.5   L: 6.5

Ankles:  R: 9.5   L: 9.5         Neck: 14.5

And the side-by-side comparison between last weigh in and this one (March/May):


Ugh. This is embarrassing. 😦



I feel pretty crappy about myself right now….. Guess I know what I need to do.


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