Hope on the horizon?

Not on the PCOS front….. I won’t know for sure until July 11 when I see my gynecologist again. And even then, she wants to do an endometrial biopsy (suck liquid out of my uterus through a tube that will be inserted through my cervix, using a syringe) THAT sounds like it might suck. I think I will wait a few weeks, then pick up my blood test results myself, just so I know what to expect. I’m that patient.

Where is this mystical “Hope” I titled this post after? Another job came up. Two towns over (hour and a half drive)….. but it’s a Music Specialist job!!! in a K-6 School. This is literally what I went to school to become. The possibility of being able to do it again is really awesome. I’m just waiting to hear back from my references, then BOOM! Off goes my application. The posting went up yesterday, but it’s only up until the position is filled. I don’t want to rush into anything, since I haven’t told Mike about it yet, but if I was offered it…. I would definitely take it, and we’d just have to work out the logistics later. It’s on a reserve, which sometimes means they have housing for their teachers. But that’s getting ahead of myself. First I need to get the interview. Most awkward part…. They asked for 3 reference letters, including one from your current supervisor, so I had to tell my principal and vice principal (via email) that I’m actively seeking other employment. I shouldn’t feel bad about this, since they haven’t interviewed me for anything for next year.

Told Mike about it. He wasn’t surprised. He agreed we’ll figure out details when we need to.

Went for a walk around the lake with my lady friend. My heart rate monitor said I burned 500 something calories…. But my runtastic app (which is now connected to my heart rate monitor) said 714. Why the huge difference? Well runtastic tracks elevation, and pace, as well as my heart rate, so I’m going to trust it on this one.

After I clicked the done for today button in my fitness pal, it showed this on the screen:

I hate to break it to you My Fitness Pal, but with my hormonal stuff all out of whack, this just ain’t gonna happen. It’s ok. I’ve come to terms with it….. Almost.

Anyway, I’m bushed, I have a long day of waiting for references to email me back tomorrow, so I can send out my application for that job!

Here’s a cute cartoon I took from someone’s Facebook 🙂


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