♪ Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! ♪

I don’t know why I made that the title. That song annoys me like nothing else.

Sooooo last night, did not go for a walk after my meeting. It was 8:30 already, which meant I would have been home from my walk around 9:45… and I’m a little worried about bears right now, with the spring temperatures we are finally getting. Came home, fought the “Sugar Demon” who wouldn’t stop telling me I wanted ice cream. uuuuugh. Had a cup of tea instead. Went to bed at a very responsible hour.

Woke up this morning, and weighed myself…… 243???  The number went down **HAPPY DANCE**. I know it’s higher than my start weight, but at the beginning of this week I was up to 249. I know that it’s most likely glycogen stores, since I’ve been eating low/no sugar, NO grains, mostly no processed food (salad dressing last night with dinner, and I’ve been having a protein shake every day… how on earth does someone eat 150+ grams of protein??)

Tonight, I’m supposed to go watch a friend’s performance… but I’m grumpy because it’s Mother’s Day weekend, and, well, I don’t have a Mom. I know it’s juvenile, but it still eats me up a little. Mother’s Day is harder some years than others. The thought of not being able to have a baby, along with the whole missing my own Mother terribly has made this year a little messy. Cried when I got home from work. Cried when my girlfriend called to make sure I was ok and ask why I was ditching out on plans last minute. 

Workout one complete:

DB Deadlift – 3×8 – 60/60/60
Pullups – 4x Max Reps – @12 I did 4!! @13 3.5, @13 4!
Hip Raisess – 3×10 – 60/60/60
Inverted Row – 3×10 (dumbbell rows) – Upped my weight to 30 pounds all three sets!!!!!!!!! 30/30/30
Jump Squats 3×10 – check/check/check
Reverse Crunch – 3×10 – check/check/check
Heart rate monitor said I burned 493 calories
Really don’t feel like going out tonight. So I came home, had a Quest bar, and now I’m going to have a walk around the lake. Might see some girlies after the show is over, and I’ve showered, because I’m a sweaty mess.
Workout two complete:
5.16km. 1 Hour, 8 minutes. . . . .874 calories burned!!!! Take THAT PCOS!…. and now I need to eat a lot of food ahhaahha. Pretty sure I’ve earned a poutine right here.
Ok. Self pity party over. I feel great. 😀 I’ve only eaten 474 calories…. and burned 1367 calories. YIKES> better get some food in me.
Here’s some pics to end the day with :
The board walk!
The board walk!
Look... a loon :)
Look… a loon 🙂
Mamma and Pappa duck
Mamma and Pappa duck
My pretty little town
My pretty little town

One thought on “♪ Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! ♪

  1. I had that song stuck in my head for a little while! Darn you! Lol. I am missing my mother too. 😦 I love these pics. The lake is beautiful and congrats on the weight loss.

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