Long time no post!

Yikes! I din’t realize how much I’ve neglected my blog for the last week and a half. Proooooobably had something to do with the shitty eating, and lack of workouts I’ve been experiencing.

Last week I went to the gym and did Dumbbell Division 4C, and accidentally front squatted 90 pounds, instead of the 80 I’m used to…. silly unmarked plates. Had some pain in my knee. Only got part way through my workout. When I got to Thrusters, I had to stop, the pain in my knees was too much.  Went to spin on Thursday, and that’s all I accomplished fitness wise. I also ate whatever I wanted…… yikes. We’ll see how my weekly weigh in goes on Thursday. Maybe I should move it to Monday to keep me accountable over the weekend?

This week, I’ve done better with activity, and slightly more responsible food wise. Mike’s aunt and uncle had an anniversary party this weekend, then we went for dinner at the lake Saturday, and at his parents campsite Sunday. Monday we had a ball practice. I did Couch to 5K, Week 1, Day 3, and walked home from ball practice. Tonight I”m going to do my last Dumbbell Divison 4A workout, though we’ll see if level 5 looks too scary or not. Might re-do Level 4, since I kind of half assed it, and that’s no good.

Back from the gym. Here’s how it went. I lowered my weight and really focused on form today.
49 minutes, 449 calories burned.

Goblet Squat 3×8 – 40/40/40
Bench Press 3×8 – 50/50/50
Jump Squats 3×10 – check!
Single Arm Dumbbell Swing 3×10 per arm – 20/20/20

Pushups 3×10 – Hard!
Dips 3×10 – @13/@14/@15

Superset: – DID NOT DO – I will pop it into workout B or C. My arms were super tired after the superset. Whew~!
:15 Side Plank
:15 Plank
:15 Side Plank (opposite side) x3

I was sweating like CRAZY today! And I finally got my determination back. After those two weeks off, I was doing my workouts with this “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh” feeling, but today, I did the exercises slowly, with good form, and didn’t give up or slacking near the end of a set.

Level 5 doesn’t look too ridiculous, so I’m going to level up. Not sure how i’m going to do the Sliding Hamstring Curl, but I’ll figure it out!

Plan for the rest of the week? EAT CONSCIOUSLY!!! Hopefully the addition of cardio into my regular routine will kick start some fat burning.

Wednesday -First ball game of the season! I also need to go for a run, because I seriously need to start training for the 5k I already paid for! It’s just so hard to lug myself around with all this extra weight 😦 Grrrrrrrrr PCOS. You are NOT my friend. But it’s ok, I’m going to push through. I WILL WIN.

Thursday – Meeting at 6, followed by spin class at 7. That’s a good 700 calories right there!

Friday – Ball game at 7:30. Either gym or run as well, we shall see which I”m in the mood for. Maybe I’ll gym before my game. We shall see.

Saturday – Gym or Run, whichever I didn’t do on Friday.

Sunday – Run/walk around the lake 🙂


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