First ball game of the season!

In two hours, I’ll be playing ball for the first time this season. Hooray! Such a nice excuse to be sociable and outside. It’s also usually an excuse to drink beer. Funny enough, last summer I slimmed down during ball season a little, from all the moving and shaking I was doing…… Literally. I jiggle when I run. Oi Vey. Hopefully this will be accelerated with the weight lifting I’ve been doing. I’ve definitely built a lot of muscle. Parts of me that were jiggly even when flexed, are now firm when flexed, but still covered in fat. It’s ok. I’ll get there. My shoulders are broadening. I noticed the other day, and then the next day a girlfriend of mine mentioned it. Glad other people can see some results. Damn you defunct ovaries for making this so difficult. . . . kind of toying with the idea of doing the whole not eating thing again…. but I kinda like food, and I don’t think that would work with lifting. Before when I was doing that, all I was doing was couch to 5k sometimes, and usually just walking on the treadmill for an hour. I really should start getting up early, and getting a walk around the lake in before work. Get in the habit now, rather than waiting until summer when I might be working 12 hour shifts at the hospital. (boo, but yay money)

I think my lifting schedule is going to get a little less regimented with the summer coming up. We have 2 ball games a week most weeks, and it seems like a lot to get home, go to the gym, cook dinner, then head to ball in any sort of reasonable time frame. Maybe I’ll have to jump on the meal prep train.

Tried on my jerseys today. My button up one is still monstrously too long on me (I flipped it up for the pictures), but is a decent size (last year it was big). My t-shirt style one is tight-ish, but mostly super unflattering. Here’s how they look.

2014-05-21 18.06.45Ā  Ā 2014-05-21 18.08.262014-05-21 18.07.26










And I shall add these onto my “Operation Red Dress” page! One ball game down, one win in the books@!! And, according to my heart rate monitor, I burned 532 calories, 33% of which was from fat. šŸ˜€ I’ll take that. Only 410 calories left to burn to reach my goal for the week. Spin class tomorrow night…. that’ll be a good 700 calories. Plus a ball game on Friday. I’ve got this. I’m hoping for big changes this season.

Tomorrow is my last Thursday weigh in. Moving it to Mondays from now on. šŸ˜€ More incentive to stay on track during the weekend, plus my heart rate monitor chirps at me every Monday morning to update my weight. Sooooo let’s just make this convenient.

At some point, my body is going to “wake up” and play catch up with all the calories I’ve burned and the good food I’ve been eating. Hopefully. Also, keep fingers crossed for me for a job next year.


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