It’s gonna rain

Finally, some rain. Just a dribble for now, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to storm. It needs to, the humidity has been building all week!

Three day work week, on account of the long weekend, and our Admin day on Tuesday. So Thursday was the new Wednesday. 😀

Got pulled to cover for another teacher yesterday morning. Ugh. My schedule lends itself so conveniently to this process. . . . frig. They accidentally got a sub for this afternoon that it turns out they don’t need, and they’ve been kind enough to give that sub to me. That was sarcasm. I get 2 hours of coverage when I’ve missed 4 hours of my own class/prep time in the last week alone. Never mind all the other times they’ve pulled me to cover another class.

Update** the sub didn’t even read my sub notes. *face palm* So now my Grade 10s

Went to my meeting. My lower back/hip are KILLING me! So no spin last night. I drove to spin class and got out of my car. Frig! Took a couple steps, and Ouch! Tried to walk it off and it just didn’t happen. Oi vey. Got some wine and tried to relax instead. It was semi-successful. Still a little painful this morning. I’m going to the chiropractor tomorrow morning, so hopefully whatever is out of place, he can pop back in.

We have another ball game tonight. Hopefully I can play 😦 Maybe I’ll just pop 3 robaxacet, and go


Did not play ball Friday. Went to the chiropractor on Saturday. My pelvis was tilted, so much that my right leg was an inch shorter than my left….. he said normally people start to feel pain at 1/4 inch…. I’m a machine! Had some girlies over for wine on Friday. Saturday, went for a walk with a girlfriend and did nothing pretty much.

Today is the great strides walk (for CF) so another walk, yay!

Next week is ridiculously busy. . . going to be tough to stay focused.

Monday – Work, sugaring appointment at 4:15, Chiropractor at 5:10, Ball game at 7:30

Tuesday – Work, GYM really neeeds to happen, but so does a run. Maybe I’ll do both?

Wednesday – Work, staff meeting, Chiropractor at 4:15, Run or gym, whichever I didn’t do Tuesday

Thursday – Work, Hair appointment at 3:45, spin class at 7

Friday – Work (Track and field day yay!), Gym or run. Probably GYM

Saturday – Chiropractor 10:15am, then a walk around the lake if it’s nice again 😀




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